Natterjack is a Celtic fusion sextet that brings fine ensemble playing and stirring vocals to its distinctive mix of Celtic melodies, world rhythms, jazz, and rock. "Worth your listening time," (Montpelier Times Argus. 2001)


So many things set Natterjack apart from other bands it's hard to know where to start. Heidi's voice is as unique as any voice you'll find. She is singing with us on our first 2 CDs. Eileen Harvey's voice is quite different but no less compelling. Add on Allen's harmonies and song writing skills which could only belong to someone steeped in rock and traditional music. How about Dave's guitar playing, always tasteful and looking for extended harmonic possibilities, and the dynamic propulsion provided by Dov and Brian is best appreciated in live perfrmance. The bands' influences are too numerous to list all but you can't miss that of the first wave of Celtic based folk rock bands of the 70s like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span as well as their Irish traditional counterparts, The Bothy Band. Natterjack 's sound has more blues and swing in it, belying its American identity. Of course the best way to find out is to listen.


Duffy the Dancer

Written By: Allen Church

Duffy was a Dancer; no one ever knew. No one but his daughters thought it something he would do. They knew him as a sculptor with good hands for his trade. People came from miles around to see the art he made. (chorus) At the end of every day....when the work and the chores were done, Duffy danced and his daughters played to....the setting sun. (v.2) One daughter would accompany, clapping hands and tapping feet. The other played the fiddle to her sister's steady beat. Hornpipe, waltz, polka, jig, anything they'd feel, but the tunes that Duffy loved the most was when they played the reels........(chorus)v.3 Their fingers they would fly so fast, and soon they'd get the groove. Duffy couldn't stop himself, his body had to move. He would jump and skip and hop and slide across the floor, and when his daughters had to stop, he always wanted more. chorus v.4 But more he knew would turn to less the more his daughters grew and by and by he'd let them go the way we're ment to do. Still the music moves him, he still hears it in the air and Duffy he still dances when no one else is there.


On the Fly copyright 2000
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Set List

We're flexible but typically our sets are 50 mins long and we play 2-4. Sets usually consist of a balance of instrumental and vocal music.