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2008 - Striped Flint
2010 - STADO



NATURAL BEAT BAND is a group playing improvised music rooted in strong rhythmic beats (congo drums, djembes, slit drums, beatbox). The group is constantly improving its music performance level, exploring and experimenting with new music trends.
The history of the band dates back to 1999 when the band called STIFF STUFF was formed. Throughout its career which ends in 2004, STIFF STUFFF receives numerous awards and earns high praise from critics and the public. The band releases its first LP titled “Don’t be Afraid to Live”, involves in the venture called Mazurek Dabrowskiego and its “Fanky Funky” clip can be seen on MTV.
In year 2010, STIFF STUFF is offered to record an album on request of the Historical and
Archeological Muzeum in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski (PL). Soon it engages in
cooperation with the lead members of STIFF STUFF and young Polish alternative
music performers. Moreover, it acquired strong free jazz tension somewhere in the middle of it’s form. This is how the NATURAL BEAT BAND was created. Thanks to
the hospitability of famous polish jazzmans Stanislaw Sojka and Michal Zduniak, the band records 80 minutes of music improvised performance titled STRIPED FLINT in STUDIO
WACHOCK… it’s really awesome experience…

Striped flint is a music theme which grew and developed for years. With no rush,
the band slowly left behind a desire for fame and popularity together with other
vain dreams. Suddenly, everything matched. The right time, people, place….a
fortunate coincidence which transformed into STRIPED FLINT. This music
came to us itself, it let us record it, it has changed into sounds and it lasts. We’ve
got this sort of feeling as if we found something precious…the music which has a
freeing power.
We invite you to join us in this unique experience, with no rush, fear and fully
aware…..Natural Beat Band

The NBB live concerts are an unforgettable experience which cannot be unnoticed. The
8-Member band experiments with various instruments from African djembes to modern
drums and a trumpet which adds to the immensity of electronic beats. The vocal features
such unique elements as syllables, sighs, breathes and beatbox. Striped Flint is a story
about finding some space in ourselves, getting to the most reverse parts of our
consciousness, it is a trance dressed in poetry...
The visuals Created and edited by VJs during the live shows, are an important part of each live
concert, adding to the character of the performance and diversifying the array of
experiences it offers. The Striped Flint is a gig which you must see, it is an opportunity to
take part in the performance which gets people free…

We are bringing You a natural beats, polish energy and improvisations which are out of control.