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The N.E.C.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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The semantics of a word like progressive need to be handled delicately when it comes to the N.E.C. (Natural Extension Concept). The band is defined by an ever-constant push to better itself, but progress for the N.E.C. is a process of refinement. The crux of the group's energy lies in drawn-out, fugue-like moments of rhythm and grooves formed amid an aural palette of perfectly designed tones, distortions and glacial power. To put it simply, the group's M.O. is a minimalist approach to psych rock kicked into maximum overdrive. Throughout the group's latest EP, Is, songs such as "It's Right," "Dead of Night" and "Those (Guilty Pleasures)" plunge headlong into the dark, psychedelic murk the group has been surfing since its inception. But this time around, the songs move with a faster motorik velocity that rocks unconditionally while remaining arty and always pushing both aspects to the nth degree. 4 out of 5 stars. - Creative Loafing Atlanta

Layers of rich, sonic depth crowd the simple songwriting at the center of the N.E.C.'s side of this split 10-inch EP. A spiral of guitars, hiss and reverb melt into a thick shag carpet of sound with "Old Medicine." "Aria Girl" drags out a haunting and hypnotic rock mantra that mutates into a morphine tribal haze. On the flip side, Jovontaes' "Paradise City" holds a formless, experimental quality as it lumbers like a freight train, focusing on a single, plodding pace where all of the action happens in the periphery. Each side counters the other with a slur of damaged, psychedelic dirge. The N.E.C. side stretches out into the ether, while Jovontaes guides its song on an intensely inward journey. 5 stars. - Creative Loafing Atlanta

Atlantian psychedelic noise-gazers The N.E.C. (Natural Extension Concept) blast an EP's worth of delicious jams on "Is". They've melted a finely fuzzed rhythmic feedbacky set of Les Razilles Denudes inspiration blended into beautifully languorously vocalized My Bloody Valentine guitar assaulted dream-pop sensibilities while never venturing heavy handedly in either direction. In addition to this severly limited, and nearly gone, tape on [OVE:EVO] these tunes were cut to a now out of print 12" slab co-released by the aforementioned label and Double Phantom. The N.E.C. have most enjoyably honed in on ideas tasted on the eclectic mix of tunes captured on the Spective Audio "B-sides" tape. - Permanent Records

The first awesome album of 2010 is about to drop from a group of guys you’re probably not familiar with. Hopefully that changes soon. Meet The N.E.C., an acronym for Natural Extension Concept. Their shit is enlightened. The group’s 10? EP was listed in our Year End List 2009, wherein The N.E.C. was referred to as “the southern response to No Age.” That’s a good reference point, as is fellow Atlantans Deerhunter, though The N.E.C. maintains a more acute and strictly defined approach to space punk.

The N.E.C. has concocted a beautiful, cohesive album with Is, and the only disappointment is its brevity (mas roca, por favor)! Laced with pervasive, dub-like tape echo, atomic shoegaze tonality, loose song structures with gritty production, violent monolithic reverb, ambient explorations, snakey riffs, and an overall melodic sheen, The N.E.C.’s retro futuristic garage psych is distinct yet familiar.

“It’s Right,” within a minute and a half, lets you know where The N.E.C.’s loyalties lie, and they fight fervently on the side of Echoplex, complemented with triumphant percussion, total decibel damage, and guitars so crunchy that gallons of Korova milk couldn’t make that shit soggy. The epic “Dead of Night” explores various strata – everything from fuzzy dream pop to classic dust-swept garage rock to noise in under three minutes, ending with an explosion of skull-crushing… bells. You gotta hear it.

This band is awesome. This record is awesome. And the passive voice is always on point. Is is available at the group’s website. Go see about it. If Is is not RIAA-certified gold by the beginning of Q3 this year, I’m calling shenanigans on all you dorks.

For fans of: No Age, Spacemen 3, Nothing People
- The Decibel Tolls

I’m not sure exactly what universe that Atlanta’s The Natural Extension Concept, or for short The N.E.C., are coming out of — but I’ve been loving on their sonic experiments long time. Creatures Flaming, off their brand new LP Pineapple, which will drop on November 5th, explores outer regions like none I’ve heard for quite some time. I’m fascinated with the adept hand in which they create songs that are at once part bouncy space oddities, part flowering in the sky above choruses and crunching autumn leaves drums. I’m perfectly aware that in all likelihood these words don’t describe any music whatsoever, but it’s where this little sublime jam takes me. Grab it below and let it take you somewhere:

mp3: The N.E.C. – Creatures Flaming - NU RAVE BRAIN WAVE

Paul brought to my attention the cracked psych melodrama of The N.E.C (The Natural Extension Concept) and their incredible release of last year Is. The Atlanta trio managed to meld temporal motorik propulsions with excessive noise, all infused with a sense of melody that made this a continual spinner. Next week they are backing the excellence into the garage and roaring forth with a new, improved beast, called Pineapple. Despite the excessive allusions created by the voluptuous cover model, there is no flab on display, every flight of fancy is centred by a grizzled, determined core element of steely chaos. It truly seems like whilst these guys think they know what they are doing, they are barely harnessing the power at their disposal - who controls who by the end is anyone's guess.

Grab Pineapple here for cassette (through Itslips), here for vinyl (through Pretty Ambitious). I have a feeling that this one is going to creep up the favourites chart...

The N.E.C - Creatures Flaming - Sonic Masala

Enlightened Atlanta-based power trio The Natural Extension Concept, usually denoted simply as The N.E.C., dropped a propulsive, damn-near masterpiece in 2010 titled Is-- a body of work that flawlessly explored the strata between Nuggets and Psychocandy at gulf stream velocity. Ready for another go this year, The N.E.C. reaches even further past the edge of the observable universe with the forthcoming cosmic punk manifesto Pineapple, a seven-song collection that packs an expanded sonic pallete and some befuddling, Dark Side of the Spoon-evocative artwork.

The lead single, "Creatures Flaming," transmits The N.E.C.'s moodier and more cavernous dimensions, saturated with bursts of fluttering analog synth washes as pummelling as they are silky and enigmatic. Here, and throughout Pineapple, the group's trademark sounds-- crunchy, dub-like tape echo, buoyant space jangle, junky shoegaze tectonics, soaring choruses-- remain in tact while The N.E.C. actively dredges out new subterranean textures, all with a viscerally aphotic punch. Pineapple offers a prime example of a band that stays true to its carved niche while maturing and exploring new songwriting approaches. --Kenny Bloggins, The Decibel Tolls

MP3: The N.E.C.: "Creatures Flaming"

Pineapple is out November 8th on wax form via [OVE:EVO]/Pretty Ambitious and cassette via Itslips.
- Altered Zones


10" SPLIT w Jovontaes
IS 12"



Atlanta based psychedelic noise-gazers, The Natural Extension Concept (The N.E.C.) stretch past the “edge of the observable universe” with their latest release and a new sound that is an even mix of the songwriting elements of Spacemen 3 and apocalyptic guitar squall of Les Rallizes Denudes. The new album straddles the line between pure experimentation and classic psych. Pineapple will feature 7 songs and be released on vinyl, with limited edition copies of yellow vinyl (Pretty Ambitious Records), as well as tape (Itslips) and CD.