Boston, Massachusetts, USA
SoloHip Hop


After years of standing by as a spectator, a fan and avid lover of Hip-Hop, Natural felt it was no longer enough just to listen. A born storyteller, "Nat" has developed a discipline in the booth and on stage that has allowed him to create a strong presence in his local scene (Boston, MA), while touching different regions of the world with his talents. In less than three years, Natural has premiered two mixtape releases - 'The Bartender' (2011) and '20 Something' (2012); he has toured Europe, crafting his songwriting talents and experiencing different ways of life; and he has represented Boston at A3C Festival and SXSW.

His latest release, '20 Something', exhibits a more developed recording artist in Natural. He brings the same ferocious lyrical abilities, this time with a more concentrated collection of experiences, and attention to detail in the storytelling. The 11-track EP is more structured than 'The Bartender' and it follows Natural through his '20 Something' years.

With a very diverse upbringing, Natural has been blessed with the ability to view many aspects of life from both sides of the tracks. In his music, Natural draws from a plethora of experiences and carries a unique ability to connect with many different demographics. His words are marked with a realistic portrayal of himself and they feed off of his surroundings. Currently working with Rhoaming Music Group, Natural's third release, 'Ways To Go' was released Fall 2013 via


'The Bartender' mixtape. June 2011
'20 Something' EP. September 2012 
'Ways To Go' Album. November 2013