Natural Impulse

Natural Impulse

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Natural Impulse Motto: Music is harmony, Harmony is perfection. Perfection is our dream and our dream is heaven.


Calvin Lamar Yates hails from Queens, New York. "Sly" is his stage name and he's been playing since the young age of 6. Although Sly has the ability to play many instruments including the keyboard, percussion, bass, and vibes, his passion is the guitar. His style is unique because he is a self taught musician.He has appeared on television, radio, and in numerous clubs from New York to California. His style of music is gospel, jazz. and rhythm & blues. His vibe is very contagious, the audience is always groving with him. Sly's talents are not limited to playing music as he is also an accomplished writer, arranger, and composer. His inspiration is the great well known George Benson.
Reginald James Stewart hails from Staton Island, New York. His stage name is "Mysterio", and that name fits him well. Mysterio started banging the drums at the young age of 5 1/2. His love of drums comes from his late uncle Curtis Crenshaw from the USA Creation Band. Mysterio incorporates all pieces of his drum set in every song, not one is left untouched. His solos are nothing less than amazing! Reginald plays for his church and had also been in a band called Dog House. His dream is to become as great a drummer as his great Uncle Curtis.
Otis James Edwards hails from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His stage name is "Oatmeal", because his sound sticks with you like oatmeal. Otis actually started off as a singer at the age of 10 with a group called Bells of Joy. At age 18, he found his passion in the form of a bass guitar. In 1968, Otis left Alabama and headed to Chicago. There he began singing with a group called Andre Scott & the Pastels. The group recorded 3 records together. In 1975, Otis moved to Cairo. Illinois and played with a group called soulfonics. He stayed with that band for 5 years before he moved to California. Otis met Sly and became part of the current band Natural Impulse. Otis and Sly have great chemistry together. They have created many great songs together over the years.
Lester Paul Le Day hails from Lancaster, California. He has been playing the bongos all his life. He also is a self taught musician who improves with age. He loves playing with the band Natural Impulse and is looking to grow as an artist with them. Lester is married to his high school sweetheart. They have been together for 38 years and have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Before joining Natural Impulse, he worked for Edison for 33 years. As you can see, Lester is a very dedicated man. He looks forward to his new musical endeaver and is looking to add to his success. Lester strives to be happy and enjoys watching his children prosper.

Set List

Set 1
Urban Grove
Boogie Wonderland / Let's Groove
What's Goin On
No Parking
Golden Time
More Than 5 Less Then 10
Nice & Slow
These Are The Breaks
All The Way Live

Set 3
Listen Up
What The People Say
Last Chance
The Big Payback
Who's That Lady
And We're Off
Dear Love

Set 4
Dance & Shout
Hurts So Bad
I Can Change
Real Tiny
I Belong To You
Party Train
Early In The Morning
Get Down On It
Expand Your Mind