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Natural is a Christian producer who produces solely for artists committed to creating excellent Christian music. Natural is a producer that uses soulful samples and combines them with amazing synthesized instruments. Natural produces Christian Rap and Contemporary Gospel Music.


Being a native of Gary, Indiana, James “Natural” Tabron is no stranger to struggle and hardship. Surrounded by gangs and poverty, Natural would escape the world he was submerged in by spending countless hours listening to the music of his parents’ generation. Inspired by artists like Marvin Gaye, the Isley Brothers, and the Stylistics, Natural would go on to create his own unique sound that links generations. Being influenced by the musical prowess of , Isaac Hayes, Just Blaze, and Timbaland, Natural developed his own techniques that combine soulful samples from the past with the exciting and limitless synthesized instruments of the present.

Natural is a self-taught producer who began his music producing journey in 2005. Natural had found success early in his career when he started producing for Atllas. Atllas, an up and coming rapper from Phoenix, AZ, would later be signed to Rawkus records using a Natural produced demo. Natural was on his way to a promising career in secular rap music when he had an experience unlike anything he had ever felt in his life. This experience was the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.
After confessing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, Natural left the broad path of secular music for a career in Gospel Rap music. Critics and fans of Natural’s music say that there is no producer in Gospel music that has a sound like his, and that he will be a welcomed addition to a genre of music that is rising rapidly in its popularity across the nation.

Natural has produced for Gospel rappers: Sons of the Most High, The Light Company, and C- Tab of Level 3:16. His current project includes developing and producing the sound of a young and promising artist named Stevie G. Stevie G performs regularly in the Chicago area and spends his summers touring with the Impact Movement, a non-profit organization that shares the Gospel through performing songs in churches across America to music produced by Natural and other producers.

The sound of Natural’s music appeals to a wide audience. His music ranges from melodies that are sweet and soulful to gritty street anthems that are easily relatable to the New York state of mind. Now residing in Houston, TX, Natural has been influenced by the sound of the south. This has led him to add music and techniques to his repertoire that satisfy the appetite of the hungry southerner.

Natural is an anointed producer, who has a calling that will be fulfilled. It is his desire to partner with a strong record label that is focused on ministry. A promising future is in store for this young and rising producer.

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