Natura Mas

Natura Mas


Natura Mas are six people coming together to play music. We hope to decrease human suffering by offering songs that remind people that every soul is connected by love.


Natura Mas is people harmonizing with instruments to produce rhythm and melody. Samee Shirazi makes beats with the drums; Chris Brodt grooves on the bass; Matthew Dean plays the guitar, sings, and writes words; Mindan bangs on the piano keys and lays down synthesizer lines; Lauren Brecheen sings and also plays keys; while DJ “Dunk Jam” Ratheal compliments the rhythm section with congas, maracas, a tambourine, and also records the band. Natura Mas can transform beautiful ambient soundscapes into booming riff-driven hooks and verses. Pulling influence from a variety of genres including jazz, metal, indie, psychedelic, pop, hip hop, classical/traditional, and rock ‘n’ roll have given them an extremely diverse sound. They formed in spring of 2007 at the Friskee House in the Paseo Arts District of Oklahoma City, which had several artist studios, an art gallery, a screen-printing room, and a recording studio all in one building. The Friskee house was home to such artists as Chad Mount and Josh Heilaman. Josh is co-president of Friskee Media Productions, and does art direction for Natura Mas. They recorded a live demo, the “Oh Seven Friskee Demo”, fall of 2007. Early spring 2008 they recorded their first studio EP. By summer 2008, the band hopes to play as many shows as possible in the OKC metro area before hitting the road in June. Together, Natura Mas hope to forever instill love in the heart of people through music.


East Pillar After the Death (Instrumental)

Written By: Matthew Dean

(Hello Nirvana! The sun shines so much brighter this high above the clouds. So if all I hoped for and desired on Earth is presented to me in the afterlife, why would I even bother to stay alive?

So are we not immortal anymore? Does death liberate to heaven, or condemn to hell? The damned of many of today's religions shall surely burn eternally, but the righteous ascend, never to fell pain again? You can bet I'll have plenty of questions)

*Our demo version has no vocals, but when we play it live these are the lyrics


Written By: Matthew Dean

In this wild world to which I belong, there is a wonder that has always been sought.

Some people go crazy. Some people die untimely. Some people find a savior, and some just find the light. Some people, they seek truth, while others just go blind. Yet one day each of us shall find out the meaning of life.

Blah blah blah
“Why am I here?” “Where am I going?” “What is what love is?” “How do I find it?”

Questions too often answered in death. No longer let us be uncertain half of lives. Let every child born be blessed.

Some people see the future. Some people live for now. Some people dig through the past to find out why and how some people thrived, and some they just barely survived.

“But will one day all of us realize why we’re alive?”


Written By: Matthew Dean

All of the sudden the sun is sunken...

…Leaving yellow and gray rays against silver and blue waves under pink/orange neon clouds. Oh, that gaining twilight sky. You see it… She smiles.

All of the sudden the golden sun’s magnificence is masked by twilight’s glimpse. Upon this hour rests a moment in which all anguish can be cast unto the soon to be twinkling/shimmering stars, but first behold the light that illuminates not only life, for it shines onto all things under the sky. Oh, if only to bear witness. But we are now aware of this. In fact we are capable of choice. And I choose this… Gaia Music!


"Oh Seven Friskee Demo" was released November 27, 2007. It available for free download from our website.
Track Listing:
1. East Pillar After the Death (Instrumental)
2. Questions
3. Wonder

*Tracks 1 and 2 have been streamed live on the NONzine's NONcast. "East Pillar" was featured on the 2-1-08 live webcast, and "Questions" was played on 3-14-08 NONcast.

Set List

We typically open with "East Pillar After the Death" and close with "Wonder". Songs that can be played in between include: Questions, Deadwooding Blackjacks, Define Divine Defiance, Words Shape Beliefs, Hippie Witches, Aire del oceano, and Tyler's Stereo.
Our sets are usually 30-45 minutes long at about 5-7 songs per show.