Naughty Dynamic and the Design

Naughty Dynamic and the Design


We are a huge fusion of just about everything. However, when audience members speak of us they say that we're Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Alicia Keys or Phish meets Lauryn Hill. We're a funk, soul, rock love triangle.


Naughty Dynamic and the Design began when the members in it didn't even know it was working. We all consider it a blessing, our chemistry from day one has been unreal. Shana and Jennifer came out of a crazy musical dictatorship, John came from an anal musical relationship, Jimmy had just returned from a journey to find himself, and Jacob found a group that matched his passion. We're a gift to each other. We play and create music because it's what we love and what we were born to do. We are not afraid of challenges nor are we afraid to work. Our shows are not to be better than any other artist, but to be a sound that intrigues you, a sound you can relate to, respect, and enjoy.


Dog has recieved airplay and is the only single we've released for that.

Set List

Typical Set List:
Just Yet (Original)
Down (Original)
Harder to Breathe (Maroon 5 Cover)
Frankly My Dear (Original)
Breeze (Original)
Say What You Want (Original)
Special (Original)
Shut Up and Drive (Rihanna Cover)
Monday (Original)
Dog (Original)
Don't Speak (No Doubt Cover)
Good Love (Original)
-For our home club we play a 45min set, when we travel we play two and sometimes three 45min sets.