Aracaju, Sergipe

NaurÊa is Contemporary brazilian party music, Forró with a punk edge.


In 2012 London Olympics welcomed NaurÊa, that was a crown for the band after 11 years on the road. So the Land of the Queen swung by the wild beats of the Sambaião (Naurea's signature rhythm). For the British, the strong percussion presence sounded like Forró-Punk, that was how the Londoner label Mais Um Gringo baptized NaurÊa's sound. Besides performing in England, NaurÊa has a vast and respectable resum. Performed for official FIFA events in Germany 2006 and Panamerican Games in Rio 2007. In Europe performed in cool festivals like Blue Balls - Switzerland, Juicy Beats and Burg herzberg - Germany, Karniola - Slovenia. At those festivals they had the opportunity to share the stage with big names of Music like Seal, Joss Stone, Anthony and the Johnsons, DJ Shantell, Maceo Park, Manu Chao, Jorge Ben, Lenine, Seu Jorge, Nando Reis, Marcelo D2, Paralamas do Sucesso, Daniela Mercury, Carlinhos Brown, among others.
In 2012 Naurea released their last EP - Furdunço - Brazilian expression for mess, party, noises. And that was the intention, to add the world music to the Sambaião: Zook, Cumbia, Reaggaeton, eastern European, Dancehall all of it put together as one to tell the story of a multicultural land in 21st century. NaurÊa is already part of this story.


  1. EP - Na Dansanteria (2014) 
  2. EP - Furduno (2011)
  3. CD - Babelesko (2009)
  4. DVD - Sambaiao Vivo (2009)
  5. The new Brazilian Music - Coletania da BM&A (2008)
  6. CD - naurEa apresenta: O Sambaiao (2006)
  7. EP - "Kda vez + negaum"(2005)
  8. CD - Circular Cidade ou Estudando o Plagio (2003)
  9. Demo - "O Pop do Forro" (2002)

Set List

1. HOJE TEM FORRO (Marcio de dona Litinha)

2. COMPAY SEGUNDO (Ma¡rcio de dona Litinha)

3. DONA LALINHA (Marcio de dona Litinha)

4. O PAPAI (Marcio de dona Litinha)


6. DENGO (Marcio de dona Litinha)

7. A NEGA (Marcio de dona Litinha, Aragao e Alex Sant'Anna)

8. SEVERINA XIQUE-XIQUE (Joao Goncalves e Genival Lacerda)

9. FE E UMBIGADA (Marcio de dona Litinha)

10. SEXTA-FEIRA (Marcio de dona Litinha)

11. BLACK PEOPLE HOUSE (Aragao e Betinho Caixa D'agua)

12. ALCOOL OU ACETONA (Marcio de dona Litinha e Patricktor4)

13. A PELEJA DE LAMPIÃO CONTRA 007 (Marcio de dona Litinha, Patricktor4, Alex Sant'Anna e Abraao Gonzaga)

14. BOMFIM (Marcio de dona Litinha)