Nauseating Pain

Nauseating Pain

 New York City, New York, USA

Nauseating Pain fuses modern heavy metal with the old school. Fast tempos and groovy breakdowns topped off with unforgettable hooks will take listeners to a whole new dimension.


Nauseating Pain was founded by Steve in 2002 at Astoria Soundworks Rehearsal Studio. An idea from a jam and inspired by an AT THE GATES lyric it took almost a decade since then to complete the membership, Steve tried playing with several drummers and bassists along the way who had trouble with what is seemingly complex music, the ones with the most heart and dedication are the ones who will remain indefinitely. Rob made a decision to play bass for the band in 2008, Steve found Thomas jammin' in Sam Ash 48st, he hasn't missed a session since, except that time he got arrested. Sab finally, with lots of formal training had dissected these seemingly complex songs and has honored what Nauseating Pain stands to be- a group of talented performers that enjoy giving listeners a good show. The band believes in their music and the energy makes that clear. Steve tried launching the band in previous summers however this time, Summer 2010, as the quartet agrees, will be the initiating season for the bands live performances, their ultimate goal.



Written By: Steve Flesh

Multitudes of you!
Crowds of stink and wretched spit.
Fuck each other hard to stomp and hedonize
You lie and abuse!

Throughout the world and all of the land
out human right to reprimand
Filth and hate, control and debate
We take what's ours and that's everything

So many people have hatred for each other
some would even kill their own mothers.
Am I really a part of this species?!
Let's just keep on avoiding one another

Reproducing and sharing your minds
in the likeness of hypocrisy deified
You add garbage and bad policies
So much shit and stupidity


Written By: Steve Flesh

I reached the point where I just don't care ...aaah
Pulverized from seeking the truth ....aaahh
My brain is numb my body is dull uuugh
Deadly poison that kills the soul uuuaaaggh

(Tax Payer)
Disintegrate into nothing
Melt away like the wicked witch
once again popularity has won
but I'm free

I am just an infidel and you will never know my ways
people, the masses, fools that cannot understand
Peek behind the veil, and you burn your eyes
I'm a fucking infidel! yea...

(bang your head)

I slept in the dirt, twisted and sore ....ah
Actually I fell straight to the floor ....uuuaagh
I woke back up a few hours later and.. ...eea
my vision you see has never been keener! uuaaagghh!


I am just an infidel, I am just an infidel
I looked at the people they were not like me
Wishing they were a corpse, before me!
I'm a fuckin infidel, I'm a fuckin infidel,
I'm a fuckin' infidel, cause I'm in your living hell!


You may hear some sounds with the previous drummer from a rehearsal at At this time we really don't have the quality, updated recordings we deserve. We should have a demo out this summer.

Set List

Nauseating Pain's set list will not exceed 22 min. "Species" is one of their most unique songs, "Infidel" explores ones indivduality in under 3 min. "Under One Condition" re-evaluates life choices, "Still Bleeding" it about a tatoo? or a girl? "Drip", "Destroy It", and "Always Dead" will ensure no one gets too crazy.