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Boulder, Colorado, United States | SELF

Boulder, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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"The Joys of Heavy Lifting - Nautical Mile got a fast start but isn’t afraid to work"

It could well be that Nautical Mile’s EP release at the Fox Theatre this weekend represents a watershed moment — the young band’s second release, headlining a premiere venue among well-regarded local bands, secure in its lineup and coasting on a decent club following and critical buzz.

But a chat with guitarist and band co-founder James Anderson the other day left us with the inescapable sense that the band is still deeply committed to the callous-building toils of working the local stages, maturing their sound — sometimes the hardest thing for a band to keep its focus on — and for now, maybe not much else.

It all started quickly, back in 2009, when Anderson submitted an entry for a spot on KTCL’s Big Gig, more or less as a Hail Mary.

“It was kinda scary, getting on that first Big Gig,” Anderson remembers. “I honestly submitted a song, saying, ‘There’s no way we’ll ever get into this. We don’t have a chance.’ I mean, we were brand new, we’d literally played, like, four or five shows before that first Big Gig … and then I find out we’re in the top 10, and then a couple of weeks later I find out we’re fourth, and we’re playing that show.

“We had, like, no experience playing live shows at all. I felt like a lot of people had a lot of expectations for us. It was scary how quickly it got going because of the radio’s promotion.”

That was summer of 2009, back when lead singer Rachel Hamilton was fronting the group. Countless local spots later, Nautical Mile has weathered a few personnel changes, notably the replacement of Hamilton with Janaya Spink, whose full-on belting delivers the band into somewhat darker and heavier territory.

“We played our CD release last year at the Fox and right after that we found out our old singer Rachel didn’t really want to continue on with the band,” Anderson says. “So we held some try-outs and found our new singer.

“Some of Rachel’s songs we’re still playing. … We had a couple of radio singles that we kind of had to keep — one of them [“Hourglass”] we re-recorded — and a couple of others are still in the set for now.

“We really wanted to redefine our sound when we went into the studio this time. I feel like our first album was just kind of a straight-up pop-punk album. ... I mean, we were really happy with it. We got good stuff done with that first album, but we really wanted to make something different, something a little more ‘us’ this time. We went into the studio without a producer — we just self-produced the album with the engineer. It’s a little more rocking, I think there’s a little more of our musical influences.”

The Fox crowd, hanging through a three-band opening bill, shouldn’t be disappointed. We were particularly impressed by the sprawling “Two Roads,” a multi-sectioned piece assembled from low-register metal-riffing hooks, wall-punching guitar breaks and Spink’s alternately urgent and pleading vocals, equal parts rock classicism and post-indie abandon, even summoning a hint of soul.

Comparisons between Hamilton and Spink will be inevitable, and by now they are mostly reconciled by the band’s local devotees — Hamilton brought a keen and incisive pop sensibility to the group, but Spink confronts the band’s heavier instincts and sings into the music, teasing its heft and coaxing it to follow.

Anderson promises that the Fox gig will feature some new music (both from the EP, which is accessible on the Fox’s website, and new material as yet unrecorded). Any Fox gig for a younger band is always a treat, but if Anderson is sensing a building tailwind, he isn’t letting on. For now, talk of a label deal or out-of-town touring is just speculation — Anderson wants to get through this gig and isn’t treating it as a gimme.

“I feel like we got a lot of pressure on us for this show, too,” he says.

“We picked all the bands to play with us on the CD release show, and we have some really good bands. The Heyday, they’ve been around forever, they’ve been really good for a really long time. And Sundown Social, they played with us at our CD release last year, so they’re at a really high level too. … So we got really, really good bands playing with us, it’s a lot pressure following up acts like that. We gotta be on par with these guys.” - Boulder Weekly

"Album Review - Nautical Mile: Invisible Ink [EP]"

Unabashedly pop-rock, Nautical Mile has the depth, complexity and talent to keep the serious music fan interested, along with the growing crowd of young & beautiful cheering in jubilation. Though considered pop, rock, and punk, the energy and uninhibited precision show bare hints of maiden-led metal. The band found fast success in 2009 on 93.3fm KTCL and when they were nominated for a Westword award in their first full year of existence, now with singer Janaya Spink, the newest member, the group busts forth unfettered. Co-founder and drummer Austin Rosén flings the beat forward, a dynamic powerhouse leading the band’s charge across their setlist. Dual lead guitars from co-founding partner James Anderson, and Jake Putnicki (Aurora Blooming) intensify the nascent excitement of their stage show, with bass from Justin Maul (Ghosts of Verona) being the pounding counter-thrust. Their songs have the truth of an open, eager, unspoiled soul. - Colorado Musiz Buzz

"Moovers and Shakers rounds up our favorite local releases of the year"

Nautical Mile, Rythym/Million Distant Memories (Self-released). What makes a brand-new band that hasn't played a bunch of shows yet worth telling others about? Easy: great songs. These photogenic pop-rockers came out of nowhere and immediately turned heads with a handful of power-pop anthems recorded at the Blasting Room that quickly garnered radio airplay. — Seyfarth - Westword

"On the Download"

We're all suckers for bands that are fronted, contain, mix in or otherwise have guest appearances by beautiful rocker girls. It's not so much that everyone has a little creep inside of him, but more so that it's uncommon and powerful. With this fact alone, though, we shouldn't stray away from The Nautical Mile's also uncommon approach to their craft. Yes, Rachel Cummings is cute and seeing her energy exude on stage is a fun dynamic to watch, but the others (James Anderson, Zachary Flower, Jake Putniki and Austin Rosen) all have banded together to create an interesting new Post-Punk, dare I say, closer to Pop-Punk show that encompasses all the necessary tools to be a front-runner in today's Denver music scene. Recently, and still fairly new, TNM was named in Westword's Top Ten Pop Bands in Denver and pushed a good fight in channel 93.3's “Big Gig” competition, earning a valued spot to play first on the locals-only stage. The Nautical Mile has a few rough demos as well as mastered recordings available via their MySpace site. - Colorado Music Buzz

"Nautical Mile gets Tapped for Big Gig"

Yet another Fort Collins band is breaking through to the next level of music stardom.

Congrats to Nautical Mile for winning a spot on Channel 93.3’s Big Gig ticket this Saturday.

Based out of Fort Collins — but currently calling Boulder home — the pop-punk group will play the Locals-Only Stage, along with Denver acts Lester Special, The Epilogues and Life in Electric. Nautical Mile recently also recorded two new singles, “Rhythm” and “Million Distant Memories;” both can be heard on the band’s MySpace page (

And don’t let the “melodic punk” label and the comparisons to Kelly Clarkson and Paramore scare you. These guys are a hell of a lot more rocking, and Rachel Cummings’ amazing vocals make Avril Lavigne sound like the whiny mall brat that she is.

Nautical Mile will take the Locals-Only Stage at Channel 93.3’s Big Gig at noon Saturday at Fiddler‘s Green Amphitheatre in Englewood. Tickets are $35 ($15 if you don’t mind lawn seats), and plenty are still available at Can’t make the Big Gig? Catch Nautical Mile on July 21 at Hodi’s Half Note (Visit for details). - Coloradoan

"You know how sometimes you hear a new band..."

You know how sometimes you hear a new band and you think this band has all the ingredients to go on to big things?

The Nautical Mile to me is that band (from Boulder and Fort Collins). They are recording their debut album at the Blasting Room and I have been hearing some of the advance tracks and they are really really good. Their all ages shows are getting more and more packed. On top of all that, the band on the strength of it's songs gotta play KTCL's Big Gig last weekend. This band reminds me a lot of Tickle Me Pink right before they exploded...If your into checking out new great new local bands, add this one to your list. - Westword


Chasing Shadows EP (2010) - Wayward, Rhythm and Hourglass received radio airplay on KTCL

Invisible Ink EP (2011) - Weeds received radio airplay on KTCL

Face You - Single (2011)- Face You received radio airplay on KTCL

The Villain EP (2013)



From the very beginning Nautical Mile has been a magnet for success, and has earned a name for itself in the constantly evolving independent rock scene in Colorado. Formed in 2008 by original member Austin Rosén (drums) the band has come a long way, boasting numerous accolades and achievements as a result of their diligent hard work. Their accomplishments include winning a top-5 position in KTCL Channel 93.3’s listener-voted “Big Gig” contest 4 years in a row (2009 through 2012), making the top 10 for Channel 93.3’s “Hometown for the Holidays” contest twice (2009 and 2010), and a nomination for the Westword Magazine’s top 10 Pop acts in Colorado in 2009 and 2010. Undergoing a few line-up changes, Nautical Mile has finally coalesced into the creative and ambitious presence they are today, with members Jake Putnicki (guitar), Janaya Spink (vocals), and Jordan Saulnier (bass) joining founding member Austin Rosén. Nautical Mile’s versatile musical style is a blend of punk and indie rock combined with flavors of blues, pop, classic rock, soul, dance and more. The members’ diverse musical influences combine to form a sound that evokes artists such as Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Pinback, Incubus, and Foals, as well as many others. Nautical Mile’s sound stands out amongst much of the testosterone-driven rock community with undeniably powerful female vocals from Janaya Spink, resulting in a refreshing and unique flavor for the listener’s auditory experience. The band performs regularly throughout Northern Colorado and is preparing for extensive touring in the near future.