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""Words and Music""

" new rock outfit, Navar. With members based between Rochester & Buffalo, the group let us have a listen to their
self-titled debut which showcases some energetic originals that are hard to pin down to any one category. I would definitely call this some memorable melodic rock, with good hooks from strong players and a lead vocalist who fronts with great passion. Navar play Buffalo's Showplace Theater on September 14th, with Rochester dates pending..." - FREETIME Magazine

"CD review"

I was front row center when rock and roll was born. Bill Haley and the Comets. Elvis. Buddy Holly. Jerry Lee Lewis. I saw them all perform in person before their names were household words. And then there were the Beatles, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Dead, the Doors. Through every metamorphosis and each new path rock took, I was there, so if there's one thing I know, it's rock and roll. Everything that made rock what it was and is, Navar has. Their sound gave me chills, took me back decades to those early days when rock and roll's message cut through life's pretenses to play on raw emotion. It's rock as it was meant to be - soul snatching, starkly sexual, hypnotic - a sound that 50 years ago drove another generation's parents to the preacher for solutions.

From the mellow, hopeful "Surprisingly Understood" to the frenetic "Heroin"; the haunting "Change Me" to the driving, penetrating "Deadly Mistake"; the explosive "Twisted" to the bluesy, smoky sound of "Meant to Be", Navar packs one hell of a whallop emotionally. All 12 tracks are equally impressive.

I had the sense that all group members contribute equally in creating their distinctive sound. Pat Barry's throbbing baritone beckons and beguiles. He uses that voice and guitar like a weapon to drive Navar's message home. Brother Ben Barry backs everything on vocals and works wonders with his bass guitar. Quite skillfully, Isaac Wood's guitar pulls Navar's sound together to amazing effect. The legendary Bruce Nowak mans the sax on "Meant to Be". Pat wrote all the lyrics and composed the instrumentals to four tracks. Isaac created several of the instrumentals alone, did one with Pat and one with Ben.. Regardless of who did what, this CD is choice.

Navar is not a clone of any group, past or present. Their potential range was apparent by the hint of Irish pathos in their music, and the touch of raunchy old-time blues. This group makes music with a passion rarely heard these days. To say I'm a new fan is understatement.

""Your Window" review"

Navar has done it again. With Your Window, 15 new original songs enhance their reputation for solid vocals and driving, penetrating rock. A single from this latest CD - "Mojave Shake" - is already garnering air time in rock stations that know a good thing when they hear it.

The members of Navar - Pat and Ben Barry, Tim Lindhome, and Mike "Skippy" Yudichak - are making a name for themselves on the East coast. With talent like this, the rest of the country should soon follow.

"Your Window" and "Walking to Hawaii" are full bodied and haunting. "On Again" and "Near the End" are bluesy and erotic. "Mojave Shake" and "Dying Breed" feature Navar's signature cadences that penetrate to the marrow. And somewhere just beneath the surface lies the primal Irish folk rock sound that sets this band apart from all the rest. I mention only a few of the songs here. There's not a bad one in the bunch.

Your Window was recorded at Chameleonwest Studio in Buffalo NY, owned by GooGoo Dolls bassist Robby Takac. Takac and studio manager Marc Hunt produced the album. The end result is high quality, all the way. If you love rock and roll, Your Window is a must have. Included with each CD is a 16 page color insert about the band and a full size Navar bumper sticker. Along with this band's unique sound, I say you can't beat a deal like that.

Review by L.A. Johnson - MBR

"For the Love of Music"

In a word, I would have to describe the "Your Window" Album as breathtaking. In a time where the entire music industry is revolved around samples and untalented artists who consistantly regurgatate one hit wonders, it brings a great sigh of relief to those of us that enjoy a genuine rock album.
With so many rock groups primarily sounding the same, Navar brings music, and rock, what it has been longing for since Nevermind in 1991, a fresh sound. From the opening until the final song, Your Window is by far the best rock album on the market and possibly the best album in years. Navar displays something very uncommon in music today, continuity. "Your Window" is the type of album you listen to for months straight because you always keep finding that new favorite song you have to play again. Your Window is an album that you listen to wherever you may be. Avid fans of, not only rock, but music altogether will be entertained. Personally my favorite Track is the edgy "On Again" the intensity of Lead Vocalist Pat Barry is invigorating, as well as catchy and will have you singing along.

In a nut shell I feel Navar "Your Window" is a must have for any music fan regardless of preferred genre. These guys are truely passionate about music and it shows on "Your Window". One last thing, Navar isnt trying to change the world, just music.

"Recent Quotes"

Here are a few quotes that were recently made about NAVAR:

"Navar is the answer to the question 'heard any good bands lately?'. Whether it's on record or in concert, these guys are lightning in a bottle. They're the real deal in a world of pre-fab rock. Every song is a winner. Navar = Rock & Roll"

-Vincent P. Favale

V.P of Late Night Programming CBS Television

“When they played CBGB's they posted their bumper stickers all over that hallowed ground, but when I heard there opening chords of their first number, they left a more indelible mark on me. These guys rock. See them now so you can say I knew them when.”

-Thomas Gesimondo

Business Manager - Controller

WXRK "World Famous K-Rock" NYC

"This is music that's made for all the right reasons. Navar's songs have an energetic and emotional immediacy that makes you remember why you fell in love music in the first place. Plus, these guys just flat out rock. They are the next big thing."

-Brian Moritz

Columnist at The Olean Times Herald in Olean, NY.

Sports Writer and Columnist at Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

- Various Publications

"15 song opus"

Southern tier rockers, Navar sent us their new CD, Swallowed By the Wolf, an impressive outing that showcases complex stories within catchy melodies, accented by nasty guitar riffs. The 15-song opus is complete with mythology about things like Jeff Buckley’s death and a mysterious hotel. Led by the powerful vocals of Patrick Barry, Navar is a band to keep an eye on, and you can start with their gig at Montage Music Hall on Saturday, August 16th, joined by 3-piece alt-rock outfit, Anna May. - Free Time Magazine


Swallowed By the Wolf - 2007
- Radioplay - "Revolution Tonight," "The Ballad of Gravedigger Jones," "Ocean Blue," "Final Warning."
Touch of Class - 2005
- Radioplay - "Touch of Class," "Everywhere With Me"
Your Window - 2004
- Radioplay - "Mojave Shake"
2003 Unreleased EP - 2003
- Radioplay - "Everything's The Same"
Navar - 2002
- Radioplay - "Deadly Mistake"



For Release

FILLMORE, NY—Swallowed by the Wolf is the latest studio album from rock band, Navar. Filled with folklore, soaring guitar solos, and Patrick Barry’s haunting tenor, Swallowed by the Wolf packs bluesy rock riffs and stories—the din of living and touring the gutters. Songwriting brothers, Patrick and Benjamin Barry share the writing credits on the band’s fourth studio release that features phenom Johnny Masters on lead guitar and Tim “Animal” Lindhome on drums.

The album’s conception was a product of the Barry brother’s fascination with Jeff Buckley and his mysterious death in the Wolf River near Memphis, Tennessee. “The Wolf is such a strong metaphor for what keeps us unsettled,” says older brother, Ben. “From children’s stories to native American folklore, the wolf is an eternal antagonist, and yet its mysterious and savage ways are filled with beauty and romance.”

Navar’s storytelling rock and roll is exemplified in the track “The Ballad of Gravedigger Jones,” a grizzly guitar driven ballad about the mystery surrounding the small-town Hotel and Bar where the band got its start.

“We’ve always written about concepts we can’t quite wrap our minds around and the belly of the wolf seemed to be the thread to tie all these songs together. We want this one to be swallowed whole.”

The album includes covers of Bob Dylan’s “When The Ship Comes In” and Neil Diamond’s “Dry Your Eyes.”