Houston, Texas, USA

With original story telling set to solid rock beats molding pop melodies and hooks, wrapped in Texas blues at its root, the band's music stirs your soul, makes your toes tap and brands your heart. The band totally lives on stage where musicianship equals soul - where grit and velvet mix.



Five rockers make up the new band, Navasota-Rio, an offspring of Navasota the 70s rock band from Houston, Texas. Navasota had a reputation for supercharged shows and dynamic musical ability as the original ABC/Dunhill Records press release stated. And now Navasota-Rio not only follows in those footsteps, but takes the supercharged up a notch or two.

Lead singer is Lance Cardin. With vocal delivery that puts his audience into the heart of the song, Lance can charm, chastise, and convince with deft delivery onstage. He is masterful when it comes to live performance, where the band lives and breathes! At the same time, he is a songwriter of great depth as demonstrated by his songs, Restless, Long Cold Night and Texas Flood of Tears.

Paul Minter was bassist for the original band, Navasota. Fortunate to come back from the battle fields of Vietnam in 1967, Paul's rock 'n roll career finally paid off for him when he formed Navasota. With Navasota-Rio, Paul serves as an Honorary Member and on select occasions brings to the stage his bass guitar along with the Roland synthesizer, whereby he adds melodic B-3 fills and other instrumentation.

Drummer for Navasota-Rio is Rick Trevino. Rick brings a large well of experience and talent to the band. He's been playing drums since '74, and has a very long list of credits that include: high school drum line captain; drummer in a punk-a-billy band while in Wichita Falls (82-83); drummer for the Houston band - The Fringe - ('84-87); and drummer for a cover band, Mischief, while living in Dover, DE. He is also a retired USAF aircraft mechanic, and was the Drum and Bugle Corp leader, 1987. When he's not playing with N-R, he's attending classes at University of Houston where he's pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Vincent Blasco, guitarist for the band, is a Houston native. "Vince" as we know him, first started his musical career at age 5 playing piano. Over the next few years, he also studied classical violin, flute, alto and baritone sax. Upon seeing AC/DC live on his sixteenth birthday, Vince picked up the guitar the next day. During high school, Vince played sax and guitar in several local jazz and rock bands. And while attending college at DePaul University in Chicago for five years, he dedicated most of his free time to mastering his instrument. Playing rhythm and lead guitar for the band, Vince also excels in backup vocals. He cites his influences as Ritchie Blackmore, Uli Jon Roth, Randy Rhoads and Angus Young.

Brian Turner brings his guitar talent and massive experience to Navasota-Rio. A true perfectionist in placing each and every guitar lick, note and nuance where it belongs, Brian brings new life to the band's recorded tunes. Brian has been playing professionally for twenty-three (23) years, has toured nationally and overseas. He has performed with Molly Hatchett, the Alice Cooper Band, and has opened for Head East and Humble Pie. Accomplished with bass and drums, as well as guitar, Brian also has great vocal capabilities. Brian is also a Houston native.

Chris Crowson is a Katy, Texas native. He started playing guitar at age 13, and then picked up the bass guitar by age 15. His musical influences were shaped early on by his love for classic rock, heavy metal, and endless hours of watching 80's MTV pop videos. Chris states that his favorite bass player is Cliff Burton.

The band's first full-length recording, simply titled Navasota-Rio, contains ten original tunes produced by Gary Katz (Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, 10CC and more) all of which have garnered fan approval for the past two years when played at various motorcycle rallies and festivals throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Texas Flood of Tears

Written By: Lance Cardin

I walk that lonely walk
Down this lonely street
Skeletons of buildings
That were once this cities heartbeat
Your life your dreams
Just fade away

I hear you cryin
Crying for home
Separated from those
That you love most
I hear you crying
Heartaches and fears
While we're riding on this
Texas flood of tears

I walk that lonely walk
Down this crowded street
In this huddled city
Trying to find a place to sleep
So tired So lost
How will I find my way





Special 5-song EP is now available with Republic of Texas Rally (ROT) commemorative logo on the back of the CD sleeve. Songs on the EP include: 1) Restless: 2) Texas Flood of Tears; 3) Long Cold Night; 4) Twist of the Wrist and 5) Canyon Ladies produced by Gary Katz.

Self-titled - Navasota-Rio - 10 song CD produced by Gary Katz available at CD Baby.

Set List

Typical concert set (90 minutes) consists of 15 tunes, 12 of which are original and preferred as tested by performances plus 3 tribute tunes. (Stones, Waylon Jennings, Shooter Jennings, Cream, Clapton) The band has an extensive play list, and tailors the song selection to the venue.