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NaviBlu- a rare combination of creativity & substance that's not usually found in today's hip-hop. With the ability to make music that's current and fresh, NaviBlu also touches on subjects and topics that today's artists tend to shy away from.


Every so often there comes a group or solo artist that changes the musical landscape of it's particular genre, and Harrisburg Pa's NaviBlu should be considered then next trend setters in the hip-hop industry. Consisting of life long friends Tremayne "Eli" Terry and Brian "Hollis" Hymon, NaviBlu has been writing, producing, recording and performing together since the early 2000's. With a unique and influential sound, this duo has been turning heads and grabbing ears since they set out on thier journey to success.

"We got our own identity and people like to listen to us" says Eli when asked about NaviBlu's role in today's hip-hop market. "We're new and creative, plue we're normal everyday guys" adds Hollis. NaviBlu has performed with some of the hip-hop and pop industry's elite, doing shows in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Washington DC and also getting radio exposure in Central Pa, Philly, Albany NY, Baltimore and Amsterdam.

With their sophomore album "For tha people" complete, NaviBlu is poised to take the music industry by storm. "We got so much to talk about, we got substance in our music and it's catchy" states Eli, "We plan on being around forever! Our music is universal and timeless" mentions Hollis, when asked about the impact that NaviBlu will have on the world of music. With songs like: Myday Friday Saturday Night, Crazy World and Rollin Stone, I would have to agree- generations to come will be listening to NaviBlu

Contact NaviBlu- (717) 379-3802


2005- In Due Time LP
Singles- Ooh La La, Myday Friday Saturday Night, Rolling Stone
2008- For tha People LP

Set List

typical set is approx. 25-30 mins long, with a change of pace throughout the set to reach every emotion in our fan's body!