Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Navigateur creates nostalgia-inspired, synth-driven electronic music. Drawing upon the sounds and visuals of the 80's and 90's, his music is danceable and groove-driven with moments of ethereal calm. A multi-instrumentalist exploring various genres, Navigateur's music resides in a space of its own.


Since releasing his debut EP titled Steady Drift, Navigateur has received a lot of attention, ranging from a feature in NYLON Magazine’s November issue about unheralded music scenes to a video made by Synesthesae Films for the song “Fourth Time in the Sun.” The EP has also been praised by numerous blogs and had a lot of activity surrounding it on BandCamp. In the past, Navigateur has shared the stage with the likes of Prince Rama, Tycho, and Beacon to name a few.

National facing music blog turned record label, Synconation, released the free EP, with plans to release the next EP title Slurrr, digitally in February and on vinyl sometime in May. Steady Drift contains four tracks titled:

1. River of Light
2. I Want You to Know
3. Girl on the Couch
4. Fourth Time in the Sun

Navigateur is categorized in both the chillwave and synth pop genres, using a lot of the analog synthesizer sound and textures that have drawn early comparisons to artists ranging from the danceable, R&B inspired grooves of DâM-FunK to the more lush, ambient layers of Washed Out. Navigateur hails from Jacksonville, Florida, from a scene that continues to gain national prominence through acts like Emperor X, Robert Raimon Roy, Radical Face, Unouomedude, The Black Kids and Gospel Music.

The project of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, Carlos Andujar, is the sole force behind Navigateur and has been the creative force behind numerous other projects including the critically acclaimed When Tides Collide. Navigateur is currently lining up live shows throughout North, Central, and West Florida in the wake of several successful debut performances including an opening slot in Tampa for audio/visual mastermind Tycho.