The Uzbek folk group “Navruz” was organized to represent Uzbek national and historical folk music and culture to audiences in Uzbekistan and throughout the world.


Navruz had a very successful showcase at SXSW 2006. The previous Uzbek groups “Abbos,” “Uzbegim Taronasi,” and “Sharq” had showcases in SXSW 2003, 2004 and 2005 using the national instruments of nogora, doira, karnay and surnay. On festival stages these groups successfully represented modern national folk music. Their music was basically modified and combined from the classical songs and popular folk music.

In contrast, "Navruz" is more classical and more historical. The group would like to perform not only classical Uzbek music, but combine that with traditional Uzbek dance, thus offering a complete Uzbek cultural experience.

In addition to the instruments mentioned above, the group also plays tor, dutor and nay. The dance elements of "Navruz" are established elements of the well known world-class Uzbek choreographic school founded in the early 20th century. The Navruz group hopes that its showcase will contribute to the SXSW 2010 with its unique historical and ethnic Uzbek folk culture.


1. Dilhiroj;
2. Mustakhzod;
3. Terma yallalar

Set List

National folk music, some of it with dance.
Terma yallalar;
Dil kuylasin;