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Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Midweek Mixtape 23rd March 2011"

Cor, Naymedici are a jaunty lot, aren’t they? Fiddles, jangling guitars and a bit of ska get thrown in the mix, and out pops the kind of song that causes dancefloors to throw beer and start frugging like crazy. Nice. -

"Naymedici at the Ducie Bridge"

Last weekend we at Quenched had the pleasure of watching Naymedici headline at Ducie Bridge the venue itself has a rather rustic feel, which adds uncompromisingly to the overall style of the enigmatic band, from when I first met them they were a folk filled four-piece with quirky elements to their sounds that made them very niche and unique.

These days Naymedici are a five piece thanks to the addition of their fiddler whose wily performances have been the talk of many who watch Naymedici, for me it is like they have always been a five piece, their sound is almost complete nowadays and they should be proud of all the progress they have made as a unit.

This year looks bright as Ducie Bridge was packed to the rafters and all the bands were well received, but it really was great to see the new look Naymedici throwing out tracks that have got them where they are ‘The Horse Song’ and ‘that’s what I call romance’ meshed beautifully with new material, which could be said to be the future for this band.

The new material was a lot darker than the tracks we the audience were used to, yet this is a direction I can see them growing into, with this direction of play their sound leads towards The Coral and I think this could work in their favour a great example of this was ‘Whiskey John.’

The track is one of three new songs that is really leaning towards what Naymedici should now be looking to push, lets hope that this year bares sweet fruit for the enigmatic Naymedici. - Quenched Unsigned

"Naymedici sound is a real tasty mix of styles"

IT’S an unusual potion of sounds... take a dash of Pogues mixed with Bob Dylan, season with a subtle flavour of Balkan and Irish music... and you have St Helens band Naymedici, who are taking the Manchester music scene by storm.

The band is Thatto Heath brothers, guitarist Mike and Ron, who plays drums, bassist ‘Hilly’, also from Thatto Heath, guitarist Josh, from Dentons Green and fiddler Bob, from London.

The St Helens lads first teamed up at Cowley long before making waves in the music scene.

Naymedici are fresh from a tour of Ireland, where they played sell-out gigs in Clonakilty and Macroom, before their dates culminated in a headlining gig at Dublin’s ‘Sunday Roast’ night at The Mercantile.

They’ve also played countless headline gigs around the north west, including Peter Hook’s new Factory club, the Night and Day and the Dry Bar in Manchester, and have supported top talent, including the Pipettes and Jimbob, with their eclectic mix of folk and punk.

The guys also have their own open-mic night at the B-Lounge in Manchester, where they play regularly.

Their sound is unusual, influenced by the Pogues and Bob Dylan, describing their music as as ‘a mixture of Balkan and Irish music, with hints of ska, and a big emphasis on lyrics’ and ‘combining gipsy licks, Irish reels, punk guitars and thrashing drums’.

Naymedici started playing as a band nearly two years ago when they were students living in Salford.

Guitarist and songwriter, Josh was studying English at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He said: “We all moved up to Manchester and were all playing different instruments together.

“We lived on the same street in Salford and we were best mates, and decided to start playing together.”

Fiddler Bob, from London, was a later addition to the band. The groups met him in Manchester and suggested he jam with them.

Josh said: “He showed up for a jam and was amazing. I’ve never heard anyone like him.”

The lads are hoping to release their first EP, Graffiti on the Wall, later this year.

In April, they are heading back over to Ireland for their second Irish tour, where they will play at the Phoenix in Clonakilty, home of the Kinks’ Ray Davis.

Later this year Naymedici will be building on their success by playing Manchester’s Friends of Mine festival, sharing the stage with legends such as The Buzzcocks and the Charlatans in a three-day festival. - St Helens Star

"Toast Recordings Battle Of The Bands- Naymedici..."

Naymedici are a four piece band who combine folk and ska, their performance was second to none whenever I hear these guys I think of great things. The first time I saw these guys was at the beginning of their musical career, they were still battling in my opinion for a style which suited them. Now I listened to them and I think that style would suit no one, but them. That is the difference between how they were and how they are now they are more self-assured and the crowd responded to it. I am still a fan of much of their old work as their new work starts to lead the way. I am just a massive fan of these boys as they seamlessly blend through genres with ease. Their track of choice, which always gets hearty crowd participation is ‘The Horse Song,’ I am a huge fan of their true to life lyrics due to the races I am still out of pocket, but in all seriousness these boys are worth the gamble.

- Danni Skerritt - Quenched Unsigned


2011 - Graffiti on the Wall (EP) - Release date tbc



Naymedici play folk as it should be played, loud. Combining gypsy licks, Irish reels, punk guitars and thrashing drums, Naymedici have burst on to the Manchester scene with an original sound that is both in your face, and a lot of fun. Comprising of brothers Mike and Ron (guitar and drums), Josh (guitar,harmonica), Hilly (bass) and new recruit Bob (playing fast as folk fiddle), their energetic live performances are sure to get even the most hardened crowd dancing in the aisles!

Fresh from a tour of Ireland, which started with sell out gigs in Clonakilty and Macroom, before culminating in a headline gig at Dublin’s ‘Sunday Roast’ night at The Mercantile, Naymedici are quickly making waves in all the right circles. They have appeared on Balcony TV (gaining more views than Ocean Colour Scene!) and have enjoyed countless headline gigs around the north-west, including Peter Hook’s new Factory club, Night and Day, and Dry Bar. They have also supported signed acts The Pipettes, Jimbob, and Frantic Jack, often stealing the show with their passionate, lively sets. Not bad for a band only 18 months old!

Their sound is a mixture of Balkan and Irish music, with hints of ska, and a big emphasis on lyrics. The band have two songwriters and singers who take what they say very seriously-Josh has been published in various poetry magazines, and Mike lists William Blake and Oscar Wilde amongst his influences! Add this to Hilly’s funk tinged basslines and Bob’s sublime fiddle, and of course Ron’s unforgiving, mile-a-minute Pogues-style drumming, and it is easy to see how this works! This vast array of styles and influences that makes the melting pot of Naymedici sound so unique.

Naymedici recently won a competition to play at Friends of Mine Festival out of around 200 bands, and have just received confirmation of their second tour of Ireland in April 2011.

Naymedici are currently preparing for their first EP release, with new songs written whilst over in Ireland! Watch this space, Naymedici is sure to be on everyone’s lips (or everyone’s chests, if you’ve seen the countless Naymedici T-Shirts knocking around Manchester!) very soon!