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Nazarite Vow is a 5 piece alternative rock/ screamo band founded in Adelaide in late 2005. Since their formation the band has exploded onto the Adelaide music scene, making an instant name for themselves with their unique genre-blending music and high-energy live show. Contrasting the sweet sounding voice of singer Nath Casey and the raw, brutal scream of front-man and brother, Dan Casey, Nazarite Vow has created a distinctive sound of their own, which has enabled them to perform with both the alternative/rock side of the musical spectrum, yet also feature on bills containing metal/hardcore bands.

This diversity in sound has given NV the opportunity to play on some excellent stages with some of Australia’s best artists, including The Getaway Plan, Cry Murder, The Hot Lies, Angelas Dish, Through His Blood, Something With Numbers, Antiskeptic, In Fiction, Mere Theory, The Valley, as well as a position on I Killed The Prom Queen’s ‘Music For The Recently Deceased’ album launch. These supports have enabled the boys to play their music to a diverse audience all around Australia.

With their first show of 07 behind them now, the band has big plans for the release of their debut EP (recorded by Darren Thompson) and the remainder of the year. With promising shows already secured in the coming months, keep an eye on these boys, as Nazarite Vow plan on turning as many heads as possible in 2007.


Nazarite Vow have just completed their debut EP - 2 tracks can be found to stream or download in the songs section.

Set List

When Questions Cease To Amaze
Art Of Seclusion
Don't Be Cruel
Mistakes and Learning Make a Healthy Combination
The Illusion of Safety
How To Lose Your Balance in 30 Days
Edge of Understanding