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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Trust Fall + Beeswax – NazcarNation"

Musically adventurous Kollectors who dig songs that integrate nearly-infinite genres in a single track, say “Hello” to LA band NazcarNation. I discovered their Dynazty EP last summer, filled with self-proclaimed “Chillstep”. While a few tracks lacked much of a melody, gems like “Trust Fall” and “Beeswax” grabbed my attention. Guitar riffs that echo Vampire Weekend, choppy production that gives a Diplo-vibe, and funky melodies that bounce around are what make NazcarNation a unique indie act. Right before the 2-minute mark in “Trust Fall” you’ll even notice a lightweight dubstep section. Craziness! - The Indie Kollection


Sometimes I get a song via email and I listen to it and I like it and I star it for posting and then forget about it. Like this one from approximately 2 months ago that has been sitting there, lonely and abandoned for months. It’s from NazcarNation, the second quasi-auto-racing inspired band name that I can think of that I first heard about in 2010 (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. anyone?), and while I like the original version of this song, it’s the complete deconstruction and reconstruction by UK producer Star Slinger, another fellow that I seem to have heard a whole lot about as of late, that really caught my attention. I’ve included the original version of the track as well so you can see how the two work in tandem, with the pulsating Star Slinger remix taking the vocals and kicking them up a few hundred octaves (when theyre present at all that is). It’s this kind of tune that gives me visions of warm days and summertime. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so drawn to them in this first/second official week of winter. - Dailybeatz

"NazcarNation – Dynazty EP"

Well, this is embarrassing. I was catching up on the blogroll (No Modest Bear) last month and caught a band named NazcarNation and immediately kept on moving, like each of you would have done as well. Few nights back, I decided to go Bandcamping and stumbled right on top of NazcarNation and gave ‘em a listen.

All apologies to the LA trio for passing up on them the first time around. Released in August, their Dynazty EP is a complete joy full of big beats and catchy-as-fuck singles. There’s also a great Dynazty remix album, including a take on “Beeswax” from TTOTT faves Star Slinger. - The Tale of the Tape


[Translated from Swedish]

woke up early this Monday to a gray-spanking-crap weather and knew that life was quite bad. salvation arrived in the evening when the sun was shining and a new EP had dygt on my radar. it is the three colleagues in NazcarNation from LA that released five dreamy songs together in bundles Dynazty. the melodic sounds / ambience / sample / pop / chill-wave and is available for "name-the-price" of their band camp! pallets you're not there you can listen through the whole EP here below!! - Don't Make It, Fake It!


[Translated from Swedish]

woke up early this Monday to a gray-spanking-crap weather and knew that life was quite bad. salvation arrived in the evening when the sun was shining and a new EP had dygt on my radar. it is the three colleagues in NazcarNation from LA that released five dreamy songs together in bundles Dynazty. the melodic sounds / ambience / sample / pop / chill-wave and is available for "name-the-price" of their band camp! pallets you're not there you can listen through the whole EP here below!! - Don't Make It, Fake It!

"NazcarNation – Dynazty EP"

On a recent trip into my iTUNES vault I re-discovered Los Angeles based electro-pop project NazcarNation. The project was started by two co-workers who were bored with the 9 to 5 and started working on songs together after hours.
The duo combine dub-step, hip-hop, indie pop and ambient influence to create a some pretty sweet down-tempo gems. These kind of jams seem like they would be right up Jason Bently’s ally. - Los Angeles Rock Insider


Just as Americans will never truly take to cricket, there’s very little chance that the trials and tribulations of Nascar will ever become the passion of sports enthusiasts this side of the Atlantic. One thing that we might be able to unite behind are the jaded beats and neon melodies of California trio NazcarNation. Having already had their tracks altered by the Midas hands of unouomedude and the UK’s very own hyped reworker Star Slinger, the signs are already positive.

The obvious and immediate associations are those of band that hipster Runoff would gladly spend 50 words snappily breaking the dreams of, but there’s are more pop overtones here than with your generic chillwave wannabe hype artist. There are glints of experimentation, but this is a band who are finally taking the lessons learnt from the past 24 months and fronting them with a singer that doesn’t hide behind reverb. The result is something slightly more ephemeral, but ultimately a lot more catchy – the kind of tracks that you could imagine being played at a decent clubnight rather than hidden away in the recesses of an overstocked iTunes library. One problem that persists is that some of the efforts on their remix E.P. sound a shade better than their original works, but one blast of ‘Trust Fall’ is enough to alleviate any doubts – and becoming one of the scene’s first ‘anthems’ in the meantime, too. - The Pigeon Post

"Welcome to the DYNAZTY of NazcarNation"

[translated from German]

NazcarNation, so call Chris Wargo, Craig Robert Smith and Mark Balane when it is not just work colleagues are sometimes, but sound collages in her hometown of Los Angeles design together. This musical Coworking product sounds then as if neon Indian with The Drums a slumber party held in his living room studio and Passion Pit would make bell prank. Um, or something like that.

Hip hop meets here in any case somehow Dubstep mixes with pop melodies and the ambient sound is also extremely weighed. Their first EP, entitled "DYNAZTY" Men have produced in the summer and since then they offer for download - is paid at pleasure. From 0 to infinity is thus free to you all, and because that's not enough of the good music is relaxed, there are the best remixes to go with it.

On the way to gain fame, the boys of the way already busy NazcarNation reviews of their work, which I as little as you want withheld from their great music:

"I like the doo doo doo doo part" - Karen Hart Band Manager
"You sound like Aphex Twin if he had vocals" - Some dude we do not know
"Wow! Is that you? The Nazcar? I listen to you guys music online! Your music are cool! And I am really hornered [sic] to get an email from you "- Neil Huang, Customer Service Rep at

And now it's your turn. - SPREEBLICK

"a few filthy bits, part 2: freddy's revenge"

chris wargo and craig robert smith came from two different music backgrounds. smith favored ambient sounds, while wargo preferred hip-hop and dubstep. together they formed nazcarnation and produced mostly instrumental tracks. later they added vocals and gave their tunes a pop edge. all of those elements come together on songs like "trust fall," from their debut EP dynazty. - the Pop Sucker

"Dynazty of NazcarNation"

[Translated from Swedish]

Meeeeer chill wave, look here! NazcarNation are three dudes based in Los Angeles, which recently finalized this EP full of sommarpop. All clear that only pay £ 0 for a download if you like. - The Goodbye Look - Short Stories


It's rarified air when you're in a situation where you can actually tolerate your coworkers, let alone start up a musical project and fill all the necessary parts with people you know from your job. Enter NazcarNation, a group founded by co-workers Chris Wargo and Craig Robert Smith, running ship out of LA. They used their individual styles to round out their sound; Wargo leaning more towards the dubstep and hiphop practices with Smith using a more ambient and melodic approach to sonngwriting.

Together, along with other co-worker Mark Balane (rounding out the multi-instrumental and percussion areas of the group), set out to a cabin to seek inspiration and practice to put to use for their live set. They've also just recently released their debut EP "Dynazty" -- a 5 track jaunt through the aforementioned varying styles of the guys. It's all tightly woven into shimmering pop songs that fit in perfectly with the ever-approaching end of summer. Scroll down, listen to a few tracks from Dynazty down below and then head on over to their website to get a copy of the EP --- a pay what you can release --- for yourself. - Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist

"Download the Dynazty EP by NazcarNation for... Whatever You Want?"

Yeah, You heard right - the LA ‘chillstep’ [it’s a sorta new genre, (to me, anyway) consisting of vox, soft beats, bass, guitar and drums. - Think of it as a ‘chilled’ form of dubstep.] band have just released their EP (20 days ago, to be exact), and you can buy the 5-track album at the link above for - whatever you decide to pay. Ain’t got no cash at the moment? No worries - you can pay $0 if you want. It’s all up to you. Although, I’d think they would appreciate it if you pay some amount of money.
The songs are great for a chill out session, most of them are very instrumentally-based, supported by the subtle, soothing vocals. You can stream all the five tracks in the playlist below [I suggest you listen to the 3rd track, ‘Beeswax’]:

If if you want a rating, I give it a 3 out of 5 black smilies.
download away!
howie. - The Soundtrack Project

"NazcarNation – Beezwax"

[Translated from Swedish]

The duo consists of NazcarNation Chris Wargo and Craig Robert Smith, who in 2008 formed his band in Los Angeles. They have now released a debut EP titled EP and Dynazty on this EP includes the track - Beezwax, at least as experimental pop that the rest of the EP tracks, and it is good of course. - Tram7

"nazcarnation: i never want to go back there."

Triangles in their band logo? Check. Total hipster photos? Check. Ironic “press quotes”? Check.

So why do I like NazcarNation so much?

I have no idea, but I do. And I kind of hate myself for it. - IT'S THE MONEY SHOT

"NazcarNation- "Beeswax""

Every now and then I'll spend some time searching the internet for new music—more specifically, Bandcamp.

The process, like anything in life, is a crap-shoot. Sometimes it yields positive results, and sometimes, well, it doesn't.

One of those positive results came in the form of a Los Angeles band known as, NazcarNation.

The trio-seen above- was formed in 2008 and is comprised of Craig Smith, Chris Wargo, and Mark Balane.

And, as far as their music goes, it's great. My favorite song off their newly released Dynazty EP is "Beeswax." I get a Minus the Bear feel to it. Check it out below. - Something For All of Us.

"NazcarNation - "Beeswax""

” build me up, don’t break me down “

NazcarNation’s music will reel you in and capture your soul with their warm, crisp vocals, sunny guitar riffs, and chilled out beats.

I’ve got Beeswax on repeat.

download their Dynazty EP here:


"Music Monday...."

Just discovered these guys, Nazcar Nation. It's indie, pop love. It makes me happy just listening to them. Love it!!

Nazcar Nation is my new favorite band!! How can you not completely love this album art? Totally sets the tone for their music. It's reminds me of a sunny day trip driving to the beach with the windows down. Music lovers, enjoy!!! - Amber Fleck Gaiennie

"Free Friday: NazcarNation - "Dynazty" EP"

NazcarNation blend super catchy sun-drenched harmonies with hip-hop and dub-step inspired beats on their debut, Dynazty EP. The L.A.-based band is offering up the 5-track EP as a free download, using the pay what you want model through their Bandcamp page.

“The Swell” opens with a glistening guitar figure then bursts into a short Kraftwerk-like rave-up for an instrumental introduction. Standout track “Destiny Intro” features layers of great sing along harmonies as well as a stuttering glitchy beat and ringing guitars. “Beeswax” begins with breezy beach blanket guitar strumming adding more sticky sweet vocal harmonies to an energetic beat with bubbly synths to create what the band calls “chillstep”. The poppy “Trust Fall” features bending guitars, a scaling straight-from-the-80’s chorus and a warped dance floor breakdown for another standout moment. The last song, “Monolith Prep” is another quirky instrumental with a violin-laced melody and buzzing synths.

With summer fading, the Dynazty EP is the perfect soundtrack for those last few days and a very promising debut from NazcarNation. - Atlas and the Anchor

"Quick Hits: NazcarNation"

LA’s NazcarNation are my toast for an early Monday morning. They take the hazed out sun drenched chill waves of the weekend and bring some clarity to those foggy grooves. They’ve got a pretty sweet EP Dynazty on their bandcamp available for any price and I suggest you scoop it up. As an added bonus the track “Beeswax” has been superbly remixed too! - Pasta Primavera


The EP ‘Dynazty’ by Nazcar Nation gives you a feeling that you are sitting on the beach, alone. Your legs can feel the little pebbles and cold water of the sea. The music comes at you as if the waves are talking to you. Perfect music to relax and enjoy a beautiful day.. NazcarNation is a band from Los Angeles and released their debut EP in August.The EP is available for pay what you like at their Bandcamp page. - RockTantra

"NazcarNation - Dynazty EP"

To say that this EP is fantastic would be an understatement. Dynazty EP is NazcarNation’s debut, and a glorious one at that. It’s brimming with Beach Boys-esque vocals & harmonizing, lush guitar riffs, & phat dance beats. “Name your price” on bandcamp & it’ll leave you ridin’ chillwaves for days ~~~~~~~ - Newdust

"NazcarNation - Dynazty EP"

Too chill to write about. You just gotta listen mayne. But seriously, reminds me a bit of Magic Man and Discovery (Discovery is still relevant right?). None of the songs are bad but Beeswax and Monolith Prep are the stand outs. - And That's How It's Done


[Translated from Swedish]

LA NazcarNation trio released their debut EP Dynazty already this summer (it is still possible to download to any price at Band Camp), but only now has their beautiful chill step-pop reached NMB. And as if not EP enough, has single Beeswax also been remixed by unouomedude, James and Evander and Star Slinger. The latter's touch is, not surprisingly, something special. Check it out and the original version below. - No Modest Bear


[Translated from French]

Since mid-September, you are talking about big wool scarves, boots and other stuff "autumnal." I am breaking and I speak for those nostalgic of the summer. Indeed, the group Nazcarnation, a native of California, lulls us with its melodies sometimes indie, sometimes electro tinted sunglasses.

The three musicians behind this project, Walgo, Tiger and Balane, met in late 2008, but in August last they "gave birth" of a debut EP, Dynazty. Moreover, it can be had for the sum of our choices here. These former colleagues have already occurred at the scene of the Viper Room in Los Angeles, but continue to shake the small venues in California. Perfect soundtrack for a sunny Sunday afternoon, hot coffee and book in hand. - Les Bachelieres

"NazcarNation - Dynazty EP"

Despite their name, NazcarNation does not make music that is particularly nazty (or cheesy for that matter). With an apparent foot in the door of both the current electro (yeah yeah yeah dubstep chmubstep) and indie rock scenes (yeah yeah yeah chillwave schillwave), NazcarNation is quite a pleasurable marriage between the two.

But enough genre stereotyping and suppression of the invisible minority. These guys sound pretty polished and play some bizarro indie pop in a way that is almost akin to Fang Island occasionally. Perhaps Die Nasty feels tooooo clean. Perhaps I'm riddled by my own expectation. Regardless, I'd be interested to hear them get nazzzty. - Tweaking Trays

"Song Du Jour: NazcarNation"

Coming out of Los Angeles and describing themselves as being artists in the genre of "chillstep", NazcarNation is one of the most enjoyable bands I've ever discovered. "Chillstep" is surprisingly accurate; their style combines indie-pop, glo-fi and chill-wave.

Their song "Beeswax" is easily my favorite. "Build me up, don't break me down" they sing over the synth backing and Surfer Blood-esque guitar track. Their 5-track "Dynazty" - EP is available for FREE on their bandcamp-based website. Go and get it! - The Indie Individual

"NazcarNation // “Beeswax”"

Here’s some great tunes by NazcarNation to break up your day! You may have heard these guys last from unouomedude’s first ever remixs of NazcarNation’s “Beeswax.” With NN’s track already a hit, unouomedude didn’t disappoint. As I’ve pretty much said all a can say without dragging on, now you just have to listen for yourself and amerce your ears into waves full of awesome sound. There’s nothing you can do, that will be able to get them out of my head. Sorry unhearit!

Their steady vocals and catchy snyth-pop hooks have been swirling the independent music scene for the past few years. Some groups create great sounds but aren’t comparable to NN with their catchiness supported by both vocals and synth overlays to wrap everything together. Their feel good vibes consisting of vox, soft beats, synth, bass, guitar and drums, will almost instantly put you in a good mood! - The Record Stack


Beeswax (Single)
Dynazty (EP)
NazcarNation Presents Dynazty: The Remixes (EP)



NazcarNation was founded by coworkers Chris Wargo and Craig Robert Smith in Los Angeles, CA in late 2008. They immediately began working on song ideas in Wargo’s apartment studio. Their sound combined the hip-hop and dubstep influences of Wargo with the melodic, ambient leanings of Smith.

After taking trips to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead for inspiration and to track the louder bits with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Balane (also a coworker) they had the framework completed for their live set. NazcarNation crowd-tested their sample heavy grooves to packed venues in LA such as The Hollywood Standard, Cinespace, The Viper Room, and SPACE15TWENTY.

While mainly instrumental in the beginning, the songs were expanded to include vocals and gave the overall sound a pop leaning. The end of the beginning came in Summer of 2010 when they completed their debut EP, “Dynazty”, which is mastered by Nic Pope at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco.