London, England, GBR

Commercial electro pop music with hints of R&B and rock!


Born in Iran, brought up in Sweden and now living in London, Nazli's multi cultural background builds the foundation for her music. Inspired by a diverse mix of artists over the years, such as Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, Nazli has found her style in commercial electro pop.

Not only a singer, Nazli works on all aspects of the musical process, from songwriting to production as well as playing the piano and violin.

In 2010 she entered the National Liberty Radio 'Battle of the Bands' and after a tough competition, she came 2nd with her pop/r'n'b track 'Don't Escape'.


Don't Escape

Written By: Nazli Alizadeh

(Because we live in such a technology driven world, I wrote a love song spoken through computer terms)

Hear the track on:
Turn me off, turn me on
You can't keep switching between connections
Ain't a game, keep it same
Or else we'll head into wrong directions

Save me, don't lose me
Hold me close, keep me in your pocket
I want our memory
To be stored so you don't forget

It works when you push the right keys
And we enter our space
Where it's only you and me
And we don't make mistakes
You don't need to press delete
No error to erase
Ain't no part-time machine so

Don't, log me off, I said
No, I won't respond to your
Call, don't close me down
No baby, don't escape from us
(Don't escape)
No baby, don't escape from us
(Don't escape)
No baby don't

Click me once, click me twice
Control this love under just one finger
Hypnotized, this ain't right
Pull me out, I need air, can't linger

And although you have done a lot to me
I forget that you've done a lot for me
So why do you do all the things that you do
Why ain't you happy with just me and you
Why not cool things and just let us be
I must be crazy cause you seem to be the only one for me

Gossip Girl

Written By: Nazli Alizadeh

I always feel
Like just walking away and
Not care about what they all say behind backs, no
They always wheel me in
To participate with them
Like it's some kind of cult thing
I've had enough, now go

I hear about it down the street
Spread it, they wanna tell me
Like the magazines, ah
You're a gossip girl
Reputation, accusation
False or private information
Shut up

You are a gossip girl
Amused by others blues
Can't stick to your world
You have to get in others too
Everything you hear and everything you see
No don't tell me, don't tell me, no no don't tell me
Don't tell me

She always feels
Like she just has to tell them
Her evil tongue has no control in what is right or wrong
She always gets a kick
From her gossip talents
Well done to you, hats off
This song's for you so sing along

Do you wanna hear what juicy news I heard
Can't believe she's dating him that's so absurd
Let me tell about the girl next door I saw
Did you see her oh my God, like she is so poor
Does he think that no one notices he lies
Saw him get it off with all these other guys
Who do they think they are, they look like wannabes
Audience they nod, and no one disagrees


Written By: Nazli Alizadeh

You're not in love with me
You're in love with how I make you feel
You're too close to me
I feel you breath
You making such a big deal

You think I help you feel intoxicated
Every bit of it is overrated
Need the drug
You don't need the drug
Do you really wanna be manipulated
Or just stimulated
Need the love
You don't need the love

You're in my world
Come on boy let me show you around
Follow me
Yeah I can, I can take you down
Yeah I can, I can take you down

You are my voodoo doll
You are in, you are over
You're under my spell
You are under my spell
You're inside, you're outside my spell

Inside your mind
I can be whatever you want me to be
You can't get close to me, silently
You can look but you will never see

I can shut you up
I can shut you down
I can shut you out

Beat My Drum

Written By: Nazli Alizadeh

Down the stairs, to the underground
This is my therapy
The floor is shaking, roof is down
The crowd is phat and ex-bf
I have left you behind
That's right
So don't follow me

Tonight I'm not intoxicated
I won't be self destructing baby
I swapped you with my high heels
And boy I love how that feels

I won't take your stick
I conduct this kick
You can't beat my drum

DJ puts me in a trance
Your shadow's in the rhythm of my dance
The smoke is feeding the atmosphere
Like the secrets you hid from me
Baby, get out of here

No, no, no, no, no
Take me to your world

I was blinded by your light
Everything was black and white
Oh you can no longer
Beat my drum no

The City

Written By: Nazli Alizadeh

The city
Turns to darkness
Twilight falls
Welcome to the City

The lights are on
The show's begun
The shadows dancing
The mind has stopped
Come on
Fighting for a shot

The City
Living in a sin, living in a sin
So pretty
Just can't hold it in, just can't hold it in
Every touch, every hand
Only lust, no romance
Reaching for the spot
It's a blur, it's a mess
Flashy lips and success
Intoxicated thrust

Tonight brings
No tomorrow
Curtains are down
Welcome to the bedroom

The lights are off
The show's begun
The shadows moving
The minds have stopped
Here comes the shot

Vintage love, shimmer, sparkling, shining, shining lights
Time is ticking quicker
Freak of, freak of nature running wild


My track "Don't Escape", "The City" and "Gossip Girl" has been played on local radio stations.