Nazzcar Rain Delay

Nazzcar Rain Delay


We play fun short songs.


we're four, and now we are six (minus one): double ought on drums, onze on bass, sixty-nine on lead guitar, nein on rhythm; ocho does vocals and the duce was on bass -but now on dunes. with names like these, we've gotta be bad!

double aught taught himself to play drums on his books; all his parents could afford were used hard bound copies. and, he had to go to school on saturdays. living in the jungle for a brief period convinced him he could build better drums.

onze showed up to take the heat off, she had been speaking in rhymes and hanging from vines, but now that she's back, we're on track. onze opened an art gallery when she was just one week old to grow into abstraction. she got into the bass to keep the low end loud.

nein always says no, but to us he says yes after saying no first! he says: no i refuse to, and no i don't choose to! no, no, no, i always say no! employed as a world class ice carver in the sahara, nein got to work fast on his feet. the amazing thing about him is how good his accent is.

sixty-nine, well there's not much more to it; that's the number of times he's been confined. the most often absent member, and capable of getting caught stealing candy, he tops it off by walking everywhere.

ocho is a migrant cherry picker. once she loved cherries, now she hates them and is allergic to them; it's very sad. she's picked blue berries before, but covered far less ground.

the duce does everything twice: she lost her twin at two, so to bring it back, she plays one extra.this is especially difficult when she takes those long middle eastern vacations.

we're sure you'll like our songs, and now that we're here keep a watch out for new songs, updates and downloads! we'll be playing live when we can as well.


Fung Wah Freakout 2010
1. Monopolize Your Bullshit
2. Sympathy Boyfriend
3. Eyore
4. Auf Weidersehen
5. Fat Camp
6. Mesencheyme
7. Nemotodes
8. Imaginary Friends
9. Driving School Dropout
10. Frankie
11. Jonnie
12. Icons
13. Don't Miss You
14. One Nite Stand
15. Like That
16. Santa's XMAS Bender