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Bruce Lee is one of the most electrifying, Hip-Hop artist mixing the organic, authentic hip hop sound of Timbaland & The runners, and the street swagger of Jay Z & Young Jeezy


When you think of basketball, you think of Michael Jordan. When you think of Tour de France, you think of Lance Armstrong, think of boxing, think Muhammad Ali. So when you think of music, yes you will think of Michael Jackson or even Jay Z but soon you will also think of the name NB-Holla. NB-Holla was born Nuness Biongo in Congo RDC, Africa formally known as Zaire. NB-Holla is one of the most under rated musicians in our time. Notice I said musician, not rapper or just producer but musician. "I'm the motherfucken Tchaikovsky of 2010." He added, "I don't just write raps or make beats, nigga I compose and direct the shit from beginning to end." NB-Holla was introduced to music at a very young age. Looking at a picture of his older brother playing the piano, inspired NB-Holla to play the instrument and become part of a church band. From church, to building his own recording studio and now an entertainment company called Ace Mob Records. English is not the only language spoken by the great NB-Holla. He is also fluent in French and his native African language, Lingala. Sitting in the studio, NB-Holla turns on the mixing board, the computer and plays his undeniable, smash hit single, "Tiger Woods" then sits behind the keyboard, with the guitar next to it, and plays the symphony part of the song while the record spins. Blown away makes u wonder how many instruments do NB-Holla plays. "Shit, I play just about anything, the piano, guitar, drums, the trombone, the tuba and if she lets me, I might play with that Becky." Jokingly, he laughs after making such a comment. Can you imagine what his album will sound like? A producer with the skills of Dr. Dre and Timbalnd. A song writer as good as 50 cent, Neyo, and with deliveries like the late Biggie. NB-Holla is definitely that diamond in the dirt, that hasn't been found.


Tiger Woods

Written By: NB Holla

“Tiger Woods” Lyrics
You can call me Tiger Woods, Cuz baby Imma addicted, addicted, addicted, You can call me....
Verse 1:
New Kicks, (uhh), New whip, (check), New Outfit, new bitch (yeah!!) Hispanic chick but she gave me a French kiss. I ain't Chris, homie I don't smack chicks. I beat chicks, hit 'em on the butt cheeks. Cuz Imma freak, we can play Halloween. What you want baby, a trick or treat? NB Holla make you nutt for a week. You wanna ride? yeah ride on me. No buss fair, you can bust for free. Pleasure for a moment, moment for a pleasure, Pee, No kelly, I shine no didy
You can call me Tiger Woods. Cuz baby Imma addicted, addicted, addicted. You can call me Tiger Woods Yeahhhh. Cuz baby Imma addicted, addicted, addicted and I ain't talkin' bout cheating girl. I'm just talkin bout hitting it girl. So meet me in my room, that's room 102 you can bring a friend or two, call me Tiger Woods (yeahhh).

Verse 2:
I Turn, automobiles to hotels on wheels. Shorty wanna chill, I’m tryin to cop a feel. Better watch out cuz that cop will kill. Hand cuffs baby Imma freak for real. Panties to the side let me eat my meal. Ass so phat let it do that dance uhh, no Vivian but I Phillip Banks uhh, shorty look fine wit that see thru pants uhh. When you feel that poke, that’s that you know what!!!! Back it all up like a U-Haul truck. When we all get drunk, girl you know wassup. No need to blame it on da Haney, you can blame it on me.
Chorus: Repeat (1x)
Cuz you inspire me, they desire me, we chillin in Miami, Yo!!! Take this flight wit me
baby you gonna see, yaga yaga yo…. (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Verse 3:
Trey invented sex but baby girl NB Holla done mastered it. No need for you to go masturbate, back shots are great!!! and forget those otha girls yeah they love to hate. Tiger Woods the great. All your bills be straight. No more noodles, have you eating steaks. Shorty want flowers but can’t make me break, rude boy rock magnums, can’t make me dad!!!
Chorus: Repeat (2x)


"Tiger Woods" - NB Holla ft. Lil Lue
"Sexy Lady" - NB Holla ft. Jr. P
"Turn U Out" - NB Holla ft. Lovely

Set List

NB Holla performs a 5 to 15 minute set depending on the gig booked. The hit single "Tiger Woods" is among the songs performed on the set followed by "Sexy Lady", and "Turn U Ou" and last but not least "Go Hard"