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NCity, female hip-hop duo creating a pop revolution!


In a world where hip hop is a male dominated art form, Believe and Skyy known as NCity are emerging and are laying down the ground work in order to make a significant impact in the music industry. Defying all odds, the female rap duo is crossing over into pop mainstream, with catchy up tempo hooks and rhymes that leave you wanting more.

Both Chrystal Moncur (skyy) and Margaret Glynatsis (believe) where born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas and through out the course of their childhood we’re somehow directly or indirectly involved with music. In May of 2004 the two opened up a recording studio and formed their own label known as BIG Productions Music Group, shortly after that, Believe and Skyy officially merged together to become NCity.

Only six months after the release of their first single Calling You Out feat. TaDa, NCity has received an enormous amount of success. The single has become popular on local radio stations and a favorite among listeners. Calling You Out, has been featured in an upcoming movie titled Ball's Alley and "Strike A Pose" which is going to be released on their debut album is the theme song for a popular Arts website

They have performed at various events and live concerts including the 2007 Dj Awards, as well as appeared in online and printed magazines such as Nu Women magazine.

What can we expect from NCity in 2008? Currently the group is adding the finishing touches to their debut album “NCity”, which is scheduled to be released early summer. Influenced by the sounds and talents of such great artist as, Timberland, Lauren Hill, Puff Daddy, Keri Hilson, Akon and many more, this is album is sure to create a Pop Revolution.


Mood Is Right

Written By: NCity: Chris Carey, Margaret Glynatsis, Chrystal Moncur

Veres 1

Hop in my car
where we are is where you wanna be
chilling with my girls, world you cant handle me
aint for the drama no karma
dont bring your fate on me

(Dont bring your fate on)

Imma sexy chick, should i care if your man be looking at me
dont hate if your man be starring at me
its all about the party, then hit the after party, Ncity rock ya body


its all about this night life
imma show her off because my shawty is the spotlight
every body hold ya girl
if you know that shes the top rank
and put your glasses in the air


hot boys brake ya poise
if you feeling me make some noise
im bout to set it off
get ya shackin at any cause
feel the heat tonight cause the mood is right (right, right)

Its just the way we are party like a rockstar, fierce and so fabulous we are
feel the heat tonight, cause the mood is right right

Verse 2(rap)


NCity (debut album to be released summer 2008)

For Info:

BAH (242) 393-1910
USA (770) 864-7748


Set List

*DJ Performance upon request

(4 songs/20 minutes)

(6 songs/30 minutes)

(10-12 songs)