Nat Col and the Kings

Nat Col and the Kings

 Coogee, New South Wales, AUS

New-Generation Stomp Blues band Nat Col and the Kings - with guitarist Nathan Cavaleri, who has toured with BB King and jammed with everyone from Michael Jackson to Diesel, and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman.


Nat Col & the Kings consists of Master Guitarist Nathan Cavaleri and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman. The groups sound merges from Nathan's credible blues roots with the range of styles he has absorbed over the years, while Col injects the fiery rock'n'roll with his energetic 'all or nothing' drumming. Nat Col & the Kings bring to life a new-generation fiery, yet powerful stomp blues that has some solid influences from their own musical backgrounds and their guests on stage.

Separately Nat Col & the Kings have very impressive resumes. Col Hatchman has well and truly cemented his reputation after his years with The Screaming Jets and still holds The Guinness World Record as the 'World's Loudest Drummer'. Nathan Cavaleri's astonishing career includes touring in America with BB King, and then performing in front of him and the Clinton's at the White House for BB King's Presidential Award. He has released an album worldwide on Michael Jackson's label and has jammed with everyone from Albert Collins to Diesel to Bonnie Raitt.

Audiences expect to see Cavaleri solely on guitar, but he is also a sensational lead singer and songwriter. The self-titled EP 'Kicking & Screaming' was released in 2010 with their second EP being released later this year.


Nat Col and the Kings