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Coogee, New South Wales, Australia | SELF

Coogee, New South Wales, Australia | SELF
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"Nat Col and the Kings final show at the Annandale Hotel 2010"

For those who don’t know, the familiar face in these photos is non other than the talented guitarist Nathan Cavaleri. Nathan leads his band Nat Col and the Kings, formed with Col Hatchman (drums), formerly of the Screaming Jets. Nat Col and the Kings are also supported by Kenny (bass) and Amy (back-up vocals).

With their signature Blues, Roots and Rock sound, Nat Col and the Kings, joined other great young up ‘n’ coming Aussie rock bands at the Annandale Hotel to finish off their 2010 tour.

There was no better way for Live Music Photographers to finish off 2010 than to shoot Nat Col and the Kings. After hearing about Nathan Cavaleri being back on the music circuit, Live Music Photographers has been desperately trying to catch them.

Aussie BLUES ARE BACK and in a new rocking way!!!!! For a sample of what you’re up for in 2011 from Nat Col and the Kings, checkout a video clip at the end of these photo’s. - Live Music Photographers

"Live Music Photographers Shoot Nat Col and the Kings"

Nat Col and The Kings got the crowed totally warmed up and sweaty at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney, before the main event, Boom Crash Opera.

Once again Nat Col and The Kings put on a stella performance, giving it all they got. This is truly a must see band. Live Music Photographers has shot Nat Col and The Kings once before, and their Blues, Roots and Rock sound just keep sounding better and better every time.

Nathan Cavaleri (lead guitar/vocals), with his exceptional guitar playing, leads the band into an awesome twist of blues and rock. And lets not forget Col Hatchman (drummer), the drum solo that he smashes out, just leaves your jaw on the ground.

Nat Col and The Kings, display so much energy on stage and through their music, that the main event better be 100% to compete with this awesome Aussie blues/rock band.

Shooting the same band a number of times gives Live Music Photographers an opportunity to find something new to shoot. Hope you enjoy the images of Nat Col and The Kings, and do yourself a favour and check this band out. Scroll down to the bottom and see another surprise video of Nat Col and the Kings. - Live Music Photographers

"Hot Set That Broke The Heat Wave: Nat Col & The Kings"

I couldn’t really have expected anything less given the names that lead this band, but it needs to be said that Nat Col & The Kings blew me away on Sunday at The Brewery. For the people who braved the heat, not only were we rewarded with the sweet relief of a southerly change and down pour, but a set that was a true testament to the musicianship of all involved.

The Kings are led by Nathan Cavaleri, child prodigy guitarist-turned bricklayer-turned slick as frontman. Cavaleri’s experience with many guitar legends over his career, including iconic bluesman BB King, is reflected in an agile, accurate and knowing playing style that is showy yet tasteful. While you expect him to deliver on guitar, Cavaleri also impresses with bluesy lead vocals.

Drummer Col Hatchman is a personality all of his own, with a set up and playing style that just screams rock. Hatchman drummed in Little Hornet and then The Screaming Jets from 2001 – 2004, and it was during this time that he began jamming and performing with Cavaleri as The Dirty Skanks. In 2006, at the Northern Star Hotel in Hamilton, he took the Guinness World Record for loudest drummer in the world off The Who’s Keith Moon!

Under their new moniker, Cavaleri & Hatchman deliver a heavy brand of blues rock, littered with catchy hooks and warm harmonies. While paying respect to the history of the genre, the material feels fresh and the live show is exciting to watch. The solos are captivating, the grooves are tight and they look like they’re having a ball.

Nathan & Col are also joined by local Kenny Jewel (of The Studio) on bass and sweet harmonies, as well as Amy and Anita on backing vocals.

You can listen to and buy their debut EP on iTunes and catch their set at The Cambridge on 19 March with The Lazys. If you’re down Sydney way, see them at The Vanguard in Newtown on 26 February or up North at the East Coast Blues & Roots Festival in April. - Urban Insider

"the AU interview at Byron Bay Bluesfest: Nathan Cavaleri & Col Hatchman of Nat Col and the Kings (Australia)"

Larry Heath sits down with guitar virtuoso Nathan Cavaleri (right) and drummer extraordinaire Col Hatchman (left) to discuss their project Nat Col and the Kings at the 22nd Annual Byron Bay Bluesfest.

"Nat Col and the Kings for a Day"

Nathan Cavaleri and Col Hatchman have been playing their respective instruments since childhood and combine in the 'Breakin' Out' blues-rock outfit Nat Col and the Kings.

Take a guitar virtuoso and the loudest drummer in the world, and the result is a right royal noise. We caught up with Nathan Cavaleri to talk about Nat Col and the Kings, who are set to hit the road to launch their new EP.

yourGigs (yG): Has the fact you have both been playing music since you were so young helped when you came to play together?

Nathan Cavaleri (NC): Absolutely! When you play from a young age, music becomes a part of you. Playing music during the ups and downs of adolescence turns it into a form of emotional expression. This is the case with both of us, which makes our musical bond all the more magical.

yG: What prompted the decision for you two to reunite in Nat Col and the Kings, and what difference in approach will you have to your previous band?

NC: This band is all about keeping it real — real messages, real instruments and raw production. Nat Col and the Kings were formed purely to connect with our fans through having a ball on stage. We put this band together only to play good stomp rockin' blues music rather than with money or success in mind.

yG: Are the respective musical backgrounds and experiences you've both had a positive thing in that you are able to both draw upon them when writing new material? Or does it create expectations and preconceptions for you?

NC: For a long time we thought it created expectations but then we've only recently realised that we were the only ones expecting something of ourselves. Both Col and I have had very different musical pasts. Makes it all the more easy to make decisions both on a business level and creative level.

yG: How has the knowledge and experience you both have from being part of the music industry for so long helped with this band?

NC: Being indie, it helps to have done it before. We know the fundamentals of the industry and what tracks we want to follow and don't want to follow. You don't have a record company's bank account behind you to make mistakes with, which makes us think through every decision — sometimes too much! The development process and production process has been fantastic. We know from recording in the past that you will get a much better album if you have fun in the process. This is Nat Col and the Kings.

yG: How did you approach the recording of your debut EP, and did the result match the hopes you had for it?

NC: We wanted to find somewhere and someone that would capture our live energy. We want the listener to feel like they are in the room with us, hence the criteria when looking for a studio. Big Jesus Burger in Surry Hills was an obvious choice because of its vintage hardware, homely feel and killer room sounds. Our engineer was Eric J who worked with Rick Rubin on Weezer's Red Album. We couldn't have picked a better engineer to capture our sound. In terms of production we wanted to keep it big but raw: no auto-tune, not too many guitar parts and no punch-ins — just thick, stompin' tracks that let the song breathe!

yG: How hard was it to capture the live power of the band onto record?

NC: It's only hard if you want it to be. The key is to make the process easy. I believe most of it is in the energy you create around you. Making sure the artist is comfortable and open emotionally. Having an engineer that knows exactly how to pull your sound will allow the artist to forget about the tech side of things.

yG: What should the crowd expect from your upcoming shows?

NC: A good, raw, stompin' blues rock show! Blues not in a traditional way, but a very current and intense way. I want people walking away going, "so blues doesn't just revolve around 12 bars." This is why I love Jack White and Kings of Leon. Maybe bring an earplug unless we are doing a small intimate show in which wet toilet paper might do.

Check the gig guide for details of Nat Col and the Kings EP launch shows. - YourGigs


Nat Col and the Kings



Nat Col & the Kings consists of Master Guitarist Nathan Cavaleri and former Screaming Jets Drummer Col Hatchman. The groups sound merges from Nathan's credible blues roots with the range of styles he has absorbed over the years, while Col injects the fiery rock'n'roll with his energetic 'all or nothing' drumming. Nat Col & the Kings bring to life a new-generation fiery, yet powerful stomp blues that has some solid influences from their own musical backgrounds and their guests on stage.

Separately Nat Col & the Kings have very impressive resumes. Col Hatchman has well and truly cemented his reputation after his years with The Screaming Jets and still holds The Guinness World Record as the 'World's Loudest Drummer'. Nathan Cavaleri's astonishing career includes touring in America with BB King, and then performing in front of him and the Clinton's at the White House for BB King's Presidential Award. He has released an album worldwide on Michael Jackson's label and has jammed with everyone from Albert Collins to Diesel to Bonnie Raitt.

Audiences expect to see Cavaleri solely on guitar, but he is also a sensational lead singer and songwriter. The self-titled EP 'Kicking & Screaming' was released in 2010 with their second EP being released later this year.