US singer/songwriter N'Dambi, previously co-responsible for Erykah Badu's musical highlights, is ready to conquer the world by herself. Bringing 'nu-soul' to a next, fresh level, N'Dambi's new album is powerful, amazing and appealing to a wide audience. "N'Dambi, la revelation" (le Monde, Fr.).


TEXAS singer/songwriter N'Dambi (means: the most beautiful) was born into a musical family and grew up singing in church and playing piano and clarinet at home. Later, while attending Southern Methodist University, she met soulsinger Erykah Badu and the two became close friends. When Badu secured a recording contract with Universal, she took N'Dambi with her as a backround vocalist, sometime co-writer, co-producer and even sometime co-leadsinger. Although at that time still touring with Badu, N’Dambi finally proved intense uniqueness of her own with her second self written and critical acclaimed 2002 album “Tunin' up & cosignin” which is filled with cosmic ‘live’ nu-soul-energy and deep-funk. The album was released in Europe only on a minimal scale in the UK, but it became f.i. best selling import album at the FNAC in France.
In 2003, 2004 & 2005 N’Dambi gained great audiences and overwhelming press reviews (see press and video section) due to her performances at big festival around Europe. Her new album "A Weird Kinda Wonderful", that will be released in Europe early 2006, presents an attractive mix of pure & fresh soul, organic pop and electronics blended with funk. Its beyond ‘nu-soul’, or you can say it will definitely brings this genre to the next level. N’Dambi will be on tour promoting her album in Europe early next year and will be back in the summer for the festivals. Check it out!


"Little Lost Girl Blues" (2000)
"Tunin Up & Cosignin" (2002)
"A Weird Kinda Wonderful" - forthcoming -