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Ever heard of a Lenny Kravitz and Sade mix? Well our music reverberates the funk and the mellow depth simultaneously. Honoring the complexity of life, each song tunes into the various experiences and emotional ride we are all on. It smacks you in the face with rhythm, blending the old with the new.


NEA and Hyland Church have come together to create an adult alternative sound that is timeless. Canadian born NEA is a European and Middle Eastern mix who grew up listening to anyone from Charles Aznavour to the Gypsy Kings to the Fugees and Boys to Men. Whilst Hyland has years of rock legends' music interlaced throughout his musical upbringing. For the past 10 years NEA and Hyland have been creating the sounds that bring you this classy old feel with new edgy rhythm. What sets them apart from other bands is that their sound cannot be pinpointed to a particular influence. Just like the idea of a vampire draws us into its mystery, so does NEA's music. The 25 year old captures something wisely inspirational and Hyland's guitar playing cuts right through to the body's need to move. Both NEA and Hyland have toured in several places throughout the USA. In 2008, NEA toured through Guatemala and Mexico as well. NEA is driven by purpose. Her story is that as early as one years old she could remember what the world looked and felt like. She remembers feeling like something was missing and that somehow she would help bring that amazing vivacious potential of life and love back into the hearts of people everywhere. With most of her family residing in Israel and the few around her having chronic illnesses it was all too clear how precious life must be treated and seized! Music is the language of the world and through music NEA and Hyland feel at home. She would say that she has a responsibility to deliver the magic of music to the people so we can all celebrate the journey of life!


The album "Breathe Again" was released in 2002 and a compilation album for the 2008 tour was released in June 2008.

Set List

My typical set list is: Feel Your Love, Pies and Screws, Everything Good, Rescue Me, Sweet for Me, Love, and On the Stage. My set is usually 40 minutes with about 7-8 songs.