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Neal Fox

Coconut Creek, Florida, United States | INDIE | AFM

Coconut Creek, Florida, United States | INDIE | AFM
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Billboard review"

“…a rueful Randy Newman eccentric…equally at home in blues, rock, pop, and jazz motifs…Fox’s lyrics are a solid plus. They often flash with wry wit, an all too infrequent phenomenon on the rock scene.” [A Painting, RCA] - Billboard Magazine

"Pigeonholes Review"

"Poignant, genuine and sincere ... thought provoking entertainment."
—Micheal Sheehan, Ind. Reviewer

"Pigeonholes" is a damned fine album, populated by great tunes and wonderfully meaningful and tight lyrics. If you don't know the music of Neal Fox then it is time you did.
—Mike Gibb (UK)
- Various

"HiPOCRACY Review"

"Very, very hip! Well constructed vocal harmonies and squeaky tight musicianship, this accomplished songwriter has created a 'Gem!'"— Featured Song,

"Neal Fox's HiPOCRACY opens with an a cappella verse that recalls Manhattan Transfer, then grinds into a rap interlude that builds into a slick Steely Dan-like pop chorus."

"Every different mood strikes me from where I live and have listened before...a great work with great influences."—Wayne Nelson, The Little River Band

- Various

"Hotel del Swell Review"

"Neal Fox's remarkable instrumental prowess brings us neatly and seamlessly to Hotel del Swell... the various instrumental interludes... become more enjoyable and memorable with continued playing, thanks to a glorious, clear sound and imaginative arrangements." (UK) - Mike Gibb

"Meat Street Review"

“...rock anthems...glorious pop ballads ...witty, pithy and profound ... crystal clear sound...But while all these facets are impressive it is the message that...allows it to stand out from the mass...”— Mike Gibb, Masquerade

“ exciting new work... an intriguing score which remains interesting from start to finish...
The performers are all first rate and the orchestral backing is superb...”
— David Thomas, Curtain Up
- Various

"Now It's Personal"

This is a hip, eminently enjoyable collection of jams that balances the "serious" songs with lighter (though still sharp) fare... So get it before I have to come over there!
—Derek Pegritz - We Heart Music

"Now It's Personal"

Fox is a veteran tunesmith and jingle/theme composer with the ability to conjure virtually any style of recording in the pop music realm. The dramatic, “Kashmire”-ish cadence of “Zero With a Gun” (about a school gunman) is edgy and alternative. Meanwhile, the ultra-melodic ballad, “We’re All Gonna Be There (When She Dies),” showcases a Billy Joel soundalike that is quite uncanny. - Music Connection

"Now It's Personal"

“An artist for whom I have huge respect.”— Suffolk 'n' Cool

“A description I rarely use: his music is timeless.”—Local Vertical

"Is Anybody Home?" is one of the most powerful songs heard this millennium.—RevampTV

[“Pray for Rain”]…has the near impossible combination of sounding very organic yet polished.”—Indie Music Sampler

“5 Stars: Ambitious, Confronting, Gentle, Intense, Wistful”— RobKast

“What surprised me the most is the response that I got from my listeners, which was typically, ‘Neal Fox - I've loved him for such a long time!’ I had no idea, and now I do, too.”
—The Jersey Todd Show

“Overall I found this album to be a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. The 12 tracks on this album all fit together and transitions are smooth. This album is a change of pace for what you will most likely hear this year. If you are a fan of 60’s 70’s pop/rock or you are looking for music with a focus on social issues, then you should check out Neal Fox’s new album ‘Now Its Personal’.”
—Comfort Comes

- Various


A Painting (RCA)
Mancini and Fox (Event/Polydor)
Hotel del Swell (Wire Duck Records)
HiPOCRACY (Wire Duck Records)
Meat Street (Wire Duck Records)
Pigeonholes (Wire Duck Records)
Now It’s Personal (Wire Duck Records)
Jingle This! (Wire Duck Records)
Thank You, Dan Rather (Wire Duck Records)
Solo Piano, Vol. 1 (Wire Duck Records)
Songs For The New Revolution (Wire Duck Records)

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As a veteran of the music business, Neal Fox’s songwriting and production skills always earn high praise. Music Connection ranked him at 4th place in the Top 25 Music Critiques (Now It’s Personal CD) saying he has “the ability to conjure virtually any style of recording in the pop music realm.” The New Times called him, “a stupendous songwriter.” His outspoken lyrics and socio-politi-pop songs get compared to Dylan, Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen and the Beatles.

Fox is a chameleon in guy-next-door clothes, a multimedia artist who creates an array of characters with the simple change of a hat. He keeps audiences entertained as they never know what to expect—but look forward to it anyway.

His long list of credits include being signed to Polydor, RCA and Columbia Records, with a charted single and Top Ten Dance Club hit. He co-scored two Killer Tomato movies, composed and produced music for hundreds of commercials and all the major networks, i.e., CBS Evening News with Dan Rather Fox has won several songwriting awards including Clio, Addy and Tellys and has earned two film festival awards for his music video, “F**k the Fed.” Brooklyn born and raised, Fox currently lives in southern Florida where he’s working on new music and film projects.