Neal Jones

Neal Jones


Experience the pure and crisp vocal stylings of Neal Jones, a Gospel/Christian writer, producer and musician. His eclectic musical expressions will sweetly lure you into the presence of God, and fill you with the power necessary to win any battle!


ONCE AGAIN this long time favorite of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) is on the scene, this time with his soon to be released debut solo project, "Stepping Out In Power". His first release from the CD entitled "The Lord Your God" (sample included), is a hard hitting cut described by many as having an urban gospel jazz feel. Already a favorite amongst Northwest radio listeners, his debut release is scheduled for December 2003. With its energetic percussions, jazzy undertones, and sleek background vocals, the track encourages the believer to stand in a place of victorious living despite thier circumstances. Co-Produced with Derek Clark, the yoke destruction rate on this cut is off the charts!

THE ENTIRE PROJECT captures a mix of songs perfect for choirs, praise & worship and personal prayer time. With his usual crisp and pure vocal style, this project demonstrates that Neal Jones would be a worthy addition to any gospel lables line up. He is a full-package gospel artist, demonstrating timeless cross-over appeal. His many years as a Minister of Music and Music Director have shaped his musical vocal and writing style into that which crosses the genres of Traditional, Contemporary Gospel and Christian Music. Neal says "I know God has called me to relate to may nationalities of people. He has given me music which extends beyond any one church congregation." This is why Neal believes God has brought him to the point of finally doing his own solo CD project. "I want to change lives through my music. I want to connect with people and bring them comfort through 2 of the most beautiful things in the world to me, which are Jesus, and music. That's why God gave it to me, and I will sing His praises forever."

Neal is a member of the Northwest Gospel Announcers Guild, and says, this call on his life prompted him to write the song "Called To The Nations", a slow melodic tune which reminds believers of the Great Commission. Neal says that he originally thought the song reminded him of the call on his musical families lives "The Jones Family". He says "we are positioned to minister to the nations, and it will happen." Neal plans to travel to other countries and share this unifying song, and one day hopes to do many of his songs in different languages.

Being third born out of a family of seven musically inclined children, Neal began singing at six years of age. He recorded his first album at age 13. It was then that everyone in his hometown of Tacoma Washington knew Neal's natural first tenor, 4 octave voice, was a special gift. Over a combination of thirty-six years Neal has sharpened his vocal talent, song writing, and production skills. In so doing, he has become highly sought after by both Christian and Gospel genres alike. His style is considered highly versatile, and he and his family are well known for their writing of popular praise and worship songs sang throughout churches today. He is considered one of the West Coast leaders in songwriting, praise & worship, choir, and vocal technique.

His pure and powerful vocal arrangement of the touching song "Use Me" (Integrity), written by is brother Dewitt Jones, is still a favorite amongst radio audiences today, and played on may stations throughout the country. In his usual unmatched style, Neals writes and sings the kind of music which engulfs both Gospel and Christian music listeners alike. Through his music he transitions you into an atmosphere of hope, encouragement, and warmth.

He has been committed to over twenty years of serivce as a Minister of Music in West coast ministries. He has sang and worked with many nationally known artists such as The Clark Sisters and the infamous Mattie Moss Clark, James Bignon, the late Olanda' Draper, and Donnie McClurkin, and Milton Biggham amongst others. Neal hopes to gain national attention, and a record contract with a major record label. His unquenchable gifts, expertise, and experience in writing, music, producing, and vocals would be an asset to any record lables line up.

The famous Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), has featured Neal's vocal and writing ministry on several of their projects. In 1993 they recorded his popular, and hard hitting choir song, "Temple of the Holy Ghost" on their conference release "Dawn of a New Era". This cut is still highly requested by radio listeners and audiences where ever Neal ministers. And, they didn't stop there- in 1994 he recorded the ever popular and telling "Use Me" with the workshop on their "Live in Indianapolis" conference CD.
This song has been recorded in many countries, and languages, by greates such as Fred Hammond, and Ron Kenoly. It is used in many commercials, and television shows as well. Neal was invited back again by the GMWA to sing and record "Here Am I Lord", in 1995, and again in that same year on the West Coast Regional GMWA project, to sing "I Am Persuaded", which he wrote and produced.

As God con


Temple of the Holy Ghost

Written By: Neal Jones

Know Ye Not, we are the temple of the Holy Ghost
Filled with power, praise, and glory
He lives and He will abide forever
We are the temple of the the Holy Ghost

We are, We are
The Temple of the Holy Ghost
Filled with power
Praise and Glory
The Temple of the Holy Ghost

Its so amazing
That the king of Glory
Would come to live within you and I
And the Glory of the Lord, shall
Be revealed in us
We are the Temple of the Holy Ghost

Repeat Chorus

Don't you know we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost
We are filled with power and
Filled with his glory
We are the Temple of the Holy Ghost We are filled with Power we are filled with glory


He didnt have to fill me but he did
He didnt have to save me but he did


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