Near the Parenthesis

Near the Parenthesis

 San Francisco, California, USA

Milk Factory: "... an extremely consistent and cinematic collection." Resident Advisor: "...listen afresh to an ambient triumph." Cyclc Defrost: "Unlike several electronic artists who happen to be blessed with prolificacy, Tim Arndt continually delivers incredibly polished and lush material..."


Near The Parenthesis is the alias that Tim Arndt, a San Francisco-based electronic musician, utilizes for his warm electronic creations. While playing conventional instruments like piano and guitar in several bands throughout the years, Tim has continually been grounded in electronic and experimental music. After disbanding the Urban Needle project featuring Steve Mehlman (Pere Ubu) and Mark Gamiere (The Wake), he decided to go it alone and focus on full instrumental compositions. Near The Parenthesis’ music is gentle and restrained, yet deeply layered with a heavy emphasis on evolution and emotion. In 2006, Tim released “Go Out and See” on Canadian imprint Music Made By People. Go Out and See is a soulful album which feels both vaporous and heavy hearted without being sappy or academic, winning enthusiastic reviews from the likes of XLR8R, The Wire, and Textura. A follow-up EP titled "Be Still" on Japan’s Duotone records, featured 5 more of Arndt’s emotional ebb and flow compositions in limited release. In the summer of 2006, Near The Parenthesis signed on to n5MD and has released 3 albums "Of Soft Construction" (2007)., "L'Eixample" (2008), and "Music For the Forest Concourse" (2010). Arndt and his Near The Parenthesis project have come to be synonymous with n5MD in both style and quality.

Arndt is currently collaborating with Rena Jones, finishing remixes for the likes of Faded Paper Figures and Bitcrush, and finishing up work on a new LP "Japanese for Beginners".


Go Out and See (2006, MMBP)
Be Still (2006, Duotone)
Of Soft Construction (2007, n5MD)
L'Eixample (2008, n5MD)
From Here, For Anyone (2009, Hidden Shoal)
Music For The Forest Concourse (2010, n5MD)

Set List

Set lists conform to the venue and can focus either on my beat oriented pieces or more melodic, ambient ones. I prefer emphasis of the latter.