Nebraska Arms

Nebraska Arms


Nebraska Arms is a four piece indie band who wears their punk rock influence loosely on the sleeves. Compared to what happens when Hot Water Music collides with Moneen the end result is a mash of musical ideals boasting dark lyrics off-set by colourful stage banter and an energetic live show.


March 2008: An eight-hour drive North-West to Thunder Bay, an eight-hour drive South-East to Toronto, and within viewing distance of the old “gitchee-gumee”; Nebraska Arms was formed in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Dave Prendergrast (lead guitar), Guy Thiffault (vocals/bass/keys), Adam Sauve (Drums) and Wayne Watkins (rhythm guitar/vocals) were trying to fill a small void in their free time aside from training for marathons, playing WOW, working in the mall and going ice fishing.

Coming from a variety of musical backgrounds, ranging from indie-rock to hardcore as well as having roots in emo-core and even pop-punk, the four eager members of this band were itching to unite in an inventive, unique way to help evoke the kaleidoscope of feelings found within the human psyche. Combining intricate guitar work with an interesting marriage of bass and drums, this band brings an inquisitive sense of passion, both lyrically and musically to the local Sault Ste. Marie music scene. Considering all of this, we are only left to speculate “What does this all mean?” Well, the band probably doesn’t know, but I bet the only way to find out is to go to a show and listen to the in-between song blather that occurs on stage.

Nebraska Arms eventually managed to secure some time off of work to travel to Sudbury in late March 2009 to record their first 10-song album at Sardonic Moon studios with studio owner and engineer Darren Favot of Wolven Ancestry. Titled “We'll Never Sleep Again”, the album fully displays each member’s unique contribution. With songs like “... At The Time, It Didn’t Seem Like a Big Deal” - displaying an explosive sense of aggression; to the albums’ closing track “We'll Never Sleep Again” - giving the album its passionate namesake; Nebraska Arms is sure to leave their mark as one of Northern Ontario’s hard-working hopefuls.



Nebraska Arms - We'll Never Sleep Again

Set List

Our set list is all original and currently consists of the following songs:
New Jersey Kneecap
I was a Writer
The Art of Science
At the Time It Didn't seem like a Big Deal
But Still I Know