Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis


Composer Jamie Lewis of NYC, has proved once again to be an outstanding writer, performer and producer capable of the most brilliant soundscapes and innovations. The latest success is the final of this"Pantene"spot through Ant Music in NYC


The Music of Jamie Lewis, can only be described as a prolific, ongoing, and innovative music production force of the 21st century. Jamie Lewis, a.k.a. Nebula One has been producing and performing music for 20 years. Most of this time has been dedicated to researching and composing, and recently MMS was established. MMS is a One man operation based in Astoria Ny. To fully understand the power and efficiency of Jamie's Production, compositional, and song writing capabilities it takes someone a few months of witnessing this awesome and unique talent up close and personal. The background of Jamie's musical upbringing is of world famous classical musician parents, and his education took place at Manhattan school of music, Pinewood school, Drummer's collective and apprenticeships with the best musicians and composers. He produced the scores and music for "Blackmale" seen on HBO and Showtime, "Future transplants" on discovery channel, and has produced Many full length Albums as the Artist at a rate of 4 a year.
While creating his own music, He freelances for music houses doing music for picture in NYC, writing music for commercials and video games.


2003 OPERATICA feat: Maureen o' Flynn
2003 The Lost
2003 KB
2002 Vortex Incorporated
2002 NEB 1
2001 Mad Chyron Mob "Innovators"
NEB 1 "iii"