Bass, breaks, 140bpm, rap, reggae, electronic, beat driven epic music that shakes your insides. Nebulla is dedicated to mash-up styles, he is responsible for the smash Wu-Tang remix album and works with a variety of vocalists in different genres.


Hailing from New York City and a longtime Jungle and Drum and Bass enthusiast, Nebulla (Ben Dotson) has over the years refined his style with a clear dedication to mash-up genres. In 2007 Nebulla teamed up with DJ Dore to create the Dirtystep Mixtape series. Volumes 1 and 2 were well received and led to an avalanche of Crunk/Dirtysouth influenced Dubstep production. Nebulla started Code Of Arms Records that summer and in 2008 Los Angeles based label La Dubstep Nostra signed Nebulla and Dore for their Czar Black Remix Gettin’ Doe, released on vinyl along with tracks by Parson and 6blocc. Nebulla went on to release tracks on Filthy Digital and was featured on the Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep album, which he A&R’d with help from Jody Shires of Hellfire Machina. Nebulla and Hellfire Machina have joined New York City jungle heavyweight Odi to form Bass Fuelled Mischief, hosting two NYC based events each month, “Metropolis” at Club Love and “Headspace” at Redstar. Tune in to Nebulla’s weekly show on Fridays and expect to hear big things from him and Code Of Arms in 2010.


Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol 2: Enter The Dubstep

FDEP007 - Nebulla, Soroka, Dore, Hellfire Machina - Played on

LADN-001 - 6Blocc, Parson, Nebulla & DJ Dore - Played on,, and

COA-001 - Nebulla & DJ Dore Orange Glow - Played on,, and

COA-D-019 - Nebulla & Dore ft. Bobosaw - Abundance Of Love - Played on

COA-D-007 - Nebulla & Soroka - Ganja Ting - Played on

COA-D-006 - Nebulla & DJ Dore & Soroka - Draco EP - Played on,

COA-D-004 - Nebulla & DJ Dore - Halloween Riddem - Played on,

Set List

Plays mostly new dubstep with some classics thrown in. Has a strong dedication to mashups and remixes in both the reggae and rap genres.