Neckbeard Telecaster

Neckbeard Telecaster

 New York City, New York, USA

Some say Neckbeard Telecaster is the best band in NYC, others don't, but we're going to prove them all wrong when we release our debut album in March. What?! We hope the music speaks for itself, but if it doesn't... we're a bunch of dudes who like to play music and have a good time.


We all live in Williamsburg Brooklyn and play in other more popular bands, but don't think any of them are nearly as good as Neckbeard Telecaster... a rock band with a dude choir.


Debut album due March 2011.

Set List

Hooker Money
Quitting Time
Lonely Ride
One More Night Like This
The Swinger
There's a Woman
Canada Dry
Sweet Salvation