Necktie Suicide

Necktie Suicide


In the evolution of metal, Necktie Suicide is undeniably the next level of conciousness. A 5 headed beast that has won over their midwest confines without major-label support Necktie Suicide is why you should never give up on heavy music, even when it seems like heavy music has given up on you.


nearly 4 years in the making Necktie Suicide has gone from sharing the stages with local Fargo-Moorhead bands barely out of the garage to sharing the stage with an assortment of national bands that had to be careful to walk that line of being upstaged by their local upstarts. American Head Charge, Dope, Internal Bleeding, Dog Fashion Disco, Sinai Beach, Into Eternity, Six Feet Under, Premonitions of War, The Brain Chiggers, Vampire Moose, Misery Index, Through the Disipline, Jucifer, Tw isted Method, Dead to Fall, 12 tribes and Fight Paris all have taken to the stage after the five young mad scientists that form Necktie Suicide, Now it's only a matter of time before the stage belongs to N.S. and rightfully so. Full of passion, ideals, talent, anger, empathy, conviction and showmanship, Necktie are as much individuals as they are one within it's collective members.


A Marrige Of Life and Loss EP(2003)
Bearing Witness to the Fall of Rome EP (2004)
A Night at The Formal (2007)

Local Stations 104.7 the dam, Q98, and 105.9 Thunder Radio.

Set List

we have around 10-13 original songs written.
set times around 30 mins to 1 hour.