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The best kept secret in music


"Necrodemon Review"

Necrodemon “Allegiance to the End” 2003, Reaper Records
Having a so long and interesting discography as well as glorious roots (the band is the creation of former Lordes Werre’s member Rob Elliott and Lordes Werre were one of the best Indiana’s bands!), Necrodemon should be much better known. This album should make them as popular in the underground as they deserve for „Allegiance to the End” is one of the best materials of 2003.

Necrodemon composed and recorded about 50 minutes of original and very interesting death metal with thrash and doom metal influences. When I listen to „Allegiance to the End”, many comparisons come to my mind, including Necrophagia (“Season of the Dead”), Dark Throne (from “Soulside Journey”, the only death metal album of the Norwegians), Believer (only sometimes, because of the vocals), Morbid Angel (old), Lordes Werre and Afterlife. The list could be longer but I don’t want to suggest that Necrodemon copies well-known ideas although this varied material has the roots in death/thrash metal from the 80’s and 90’s.

Above all, this is original and complex material. Many riffs are simply crushing: to some degree, they are very traditional but only those, who follow only the new trends, would criticize them. The fans of pure death and thrash metal will dig them at once. Necrodemon writes very good compositions, with many interesting tempo changes. The band doesn’t repeat the scheme of the track structures and each song has something new to offer. Sometimes fast, sometimes mid-paced and sometimes slow, the material is always heavy and dark. That’s impressive work.

- Metal Side Magazine

"Allegiance Review"

We are sworn to darkness and metal" states a liner note from the inside of Necrodemon's latest release, "Allegiance To The End". I couldn't have said it any better because Necrodemon is in true form, an evil metal band. Grim production on the band's fourth outing reminds me of a mold between early Morbid Angel and Rigor Mortis (R.I.P.)!

It is obvious that Necrodemon plays metal from their bleeding hearts because they are absolutely punishing on every track - without the assistance of constant blast beats, super fast over-distorted riffs, and the continual use of guttural vocals. Instead, they kill with that old school metal talent for creating devastating metal riffs without sounding like the average death metal band. The drums and bass synchronize like a death storm in hell, sounding a lot like classical Dead Brain Cells but heavier, faster, and much angrier.

Unlike most modern death metal albums, every song on "Allegiance..." sounds different, but equally devastating in their delivery, a feat that Necrodemon seems to have perfected. Although it's hard, if I had to choose some standout tracks, they would be: "IV", "Death of Merlin", "Prophets of Doom", "Mord-Sith", and the haunting "Chutulu Mytho".

Don't expect crystal clear production, mid-song breakdowns, ballads, or lightning fast death metal. However, you better prepare yourself for an onslaught of heavy metal that is deemed to get under your skin and kick your ass! Necrodemon definitely deliver with "Allegiance To The End" and are bound to keep the metal underground marching on to world annihilation.

--Grim Gaijin 11.12.04
- Maximum Metal


Deadly Demo 1999
Haunted Eons
Incipit Fear
Allegaince to the End
Ice Fields of Hyperion


Feeling a bit camera shy


Necro Biopsy

Any metalhead can tell you, there is nothing else but metal. Metal is a lifestyle and something that lives in your heart. Necrodemon holds this true as it is their way of life. This is not a joke, not an image, nor is it something they do as a hobby. They are sworn to metal. Hence the title : Allegiance to the End. Necrodemon will not follow trends nor copy any popular styles to recieve recognition. Those who are Elite understand. They stand on their own.

Necrodemon began in late 1998 from the ashes of Lordes Werre. Founding member, Rob Elliott wanted to continue thrashing. From 1999's "Deadly Demo" to 2003's "Allegiance to the End", the band has grown and become a force to be reckoned with. Now with "Ice Fields of Hyperion", the latest and best release so far, under their belt none can stand in Necrodemon's path. The band has focused in on a style more so than in the past and has broke alot of ground as far as musicianship and writing. Alot of Black Metal has entered their styles.

Three albums and two EP's have spun out of their 8 year existence. Many shows and underground appearances followed 2003's release of "Allegiance to the End". This album was and still is a landmark for Necrodemon. It has been called the most surprising release from an underground band in a long time.

Although the have honed in a bit, Necrodemon does not fall under one style. They truly cannot be categorized. They do Death Metal, Black Metal, Speed Metal, and Thrash. The vocals are very diverse as well. Lyrically, Necrodemon covers alot of ground. No style is their style. Influences range from old 80's thrash and metal to today's brutality and atomosphere. All metal all the time.

...And so Necrodemon are blasting out a path of their own! Bands like Necrodemon who stand out and do not sound the same on every song and every album should be something to respect. Necrodemon do metal in the most vicious, diverse, and intelligent way possible. Their writing only keeps getting better.