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The best kept secret in music


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Sardonic Fate EP
1. Anhedonia
2. King of Masquerades
3. Nokturne Right
4. Sardonic Fate
5. Annihilation 06/06/06
Bonus Track
- Brutal Extermination
- Forged with the soul of 10,000 warriors


Feeling a bit camera shy


Necrodios (necro - die - os) a 4 piece melodic death/thrash metal band hailing from Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The band started out with the arrival of Jules (bass) in Canada on the early months of 2005. Brothers Jet and Jericho had an idea about starting a metal band with various influences ranging from death metal to power metal. The arrival of Jules of a black metal band called �Minions of the Abyss� secured the beastial low-end of the band. With Jericho handling the growls and solos, Jet on rhythms and screeches, and Jules on the bass, the band needed one more to handle the unrelenting drum pounding and complete the lineup. In a chance meeting online, Ryan, the drummer of a now defunct band called �Mistakes for Souvenirs� was asked to join the band and willingly accepted the position.

And then there was �Sardonic Fate�. The band started out covering heavy metal tunes from Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, playing in basements, parties and anywhere they could. The band eventually got tired of playing other band�s music and started writing original materials. During this time the band was plagued with uncertainty and problems. Ryan�s commitment to the band was questioned and the band slowly entered the oblivion.

As the problems with Ryan became unbearable and agonizing the band unanimously decided that he had to be let go. The band is still in good terms with Ryan and wishes him success on his future projects and endeavors.

In May of 2006 after almost a year of establishing the original lineup, Kaveh the drummer of the heavy metal band Midnight Genesis was asked to join the band! With Kaveh�s dynamic technique, rapid blast beats and double bass ear assaults a whole new dimension was added to the bands music. �Necrodios� was born! New songs where written and new alliances where forged. The chaotic assaults on local venues and bars have started!

Currently, the band is recording their first demo CD which will be available sometime in 2007. The demo CD will include 6-7 songs of unrelenting brutality and melodic riffage!