CancĂșn, Quintana Roo, MEX


NECRORDER was born as a two member project, conformed by the parasites::: FLESH: cannibalistic screams of blasphemy, unholy words, hell keys and strings... and DIGITUS MORTEM: synth death, pornography and whores affair... a couple of months later a third filthy fucker was on board... MODUS OPERANDI: strings of terror and misanthropy...

The year... 2007, after living among the dead 666 days, eating human flesh, fucking whores, smoking weed, drinking gallons of alcohol and desecrating any kind of religion, searching the evil power of the free humans... the crusade began, the purpose was to create an elite troop with black soul soldiers... ...the main task... to spread the world of chaos, written since the conception of our kind... the human kind... the human pestilence...


Slaves & Whores | digipack 2010