atmospheric groove rock with sultry female voice


Nectarphonic forges a sound from the heavens above and the earth below, as if The Cocteau Twins fronted Pink Floyd in a seedy downtown club. Liberally spiced with brutal dynamics or howling feedback, their music is ultimately an offering of beautiful sweetness. Earthy vocals from Thai-born Suki and the seductive serenade of Kerry complete the dream.

Since 1999, Nectarphonic’s atmospheric groove rock has enchanted audiences and bookers throughout Los Angeles’ eclectic club scene. The band’s evocative musical approach has inspired producers to feature the songs "Will I" and "The One" in independent films and choose Nectarphonic’s music for MTV’s “Undressed", "Pimp My Ride", "Road Rules" and "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew”, as well as for an episode of the WB's "Felicity".

Nectarphonic’s fresh new release "Satellite" cranks up the intrigue another notch, with further explorations into dreampop, groove rock, bone-crunching riffage, and timeless psychedelia.


Debut CD "Swoon" released in 2001. Sophmore CD "Satellite" released 2006.

Songs have been used in the T.V. shows Felicity, Road Rules, Undressed, Room Raider

Our music is currently being played on XM radio and various internet radio stations and podcasts.

Set List

Our typical set list is about 45 minutes consisting of 8 to 9 songs.