We write different, melodic, sometimes strange, some times classic sounding SONGS, that with each listen reveal a new layer you didn't hear the 1st. time around. Put My Bloody Valentine, The Beatles, Beck, Grandaddy and The Melvins in a blender, and we sound like none of them, but there's a flavor


This is a Review from DIW magazine
:Ned -
Right Said Ned
There’s something a little peculiar about Ned, the four-man Oakland, CA, band. Onstage, guitarist Cyrus Tilton glances at the audience with a shy smile, while his brother, bassist Nathan Tilton, looks mischievous and pleased, like a kid making a toilet bomb. Drummer Jacob “Mouse” Menoch shakes the sweat out of his hair and treats the crowd to a bug-eyed expression, and vocalist Ross Peacock lumbers over the keys like an Afro’d ringmaster. They actually appear to be enjoying themselves, and it’s hard to resist.

All the while they’re creating a sonic soundscape with a wall of ambient keyboards, angular, distorted guitars, funky basslines, electronic squeals and chimes, and stuttering drum machines. A catchy melody emerges and then gets washed away by space-rock effects. Peacock’s nasally, distorted vocals are reminiscents of a trippier Mike Patton, and hints of Grandaddy, Radiohead, Primus and Aphex Twin shine through.

“I’ve seen bands where I don’t think everyone is really into the music they’re playing,” says Cyrus. “But we all have a lot of say in how the song gets put together and how it comes across.”

Ned are obsessed with gadgets, and they keep a whole collection in their studio – electric kazoos, slide guitar, lap steel, drum machines and even hand drums. They’re also obsessed with layering sound upon sound and tweaking and distorting. The band members map out how to re-create the full effect live, and then choreograph and intricate stage tango as they trade instruments from song to song.

Peacock keeps a digital eight-track at his apartment to capture the moments when their creative juices run high, since it seems that whenever the guys get together, ideas run amuck.

“A lot of times, we’ll be hanging out with no particular goal for the evening,” says Peacock. “And we’ll record the toilet flushing and put it backwards through reverse reverb and then put distortion on it. So that night you do that, and then a week later it’s like, ‘Oh, we could use that for this song here.’”

On the band’s self-titled, self-released record, a dark undercurrent runs through the songs. Like the pudgy little creature on the CD cover painted by Nathan, Ned sound like the point where cute and cuddly becomes downright creepy.

“When I think of Ned,” says Nathan, “I think, He’s a nice guy, but there’s something weird about that guy.”
- Lisa Hix


Coloring Book- 1st full length
Soapbopper- 7"

Songs from Coloring Book have been played all over the country on college radio and in Europe.

The 7" Soapbopper was played on WFMU in N.J. and has also received regular rotation at college stations.

Some bands we have peformed and or toured with include.... Subtle***Fog***Two Gallants***The Locust***XiuXiu***Casiotone f.t.Painfully Alone***Dosh***Hidden Cameras***OddNosdam***Hey Willpower***The Mae Shi***

Set List

Our sets change as we have a pretty good amount of material we are able to perform live...... they can range from 30min to 60min... really comes down to what is needed.

Sometimes we will through a cover in our last show we played the 1st song off of My Bloody Valentines Loveless, we've done It ain't Easy by Bowie.... etc.