Ned Flander's Revenge

Ned Flander's Revenge


Well in a nutshell NFR tries to stay as original as possible. We're all influenced by so many genres, the labeling of Punk Metal really hinders our actual sound. So we tend to bring in as many styles to our music as possible. Hence the Funk/Reggae Chorus on Silent Screams.


NFR was formed in January 2005, a week before a school talent show when Paul Carter and Chris Overman decided to sabatoge their own audition after 3 years of failure to get on the show's bill. To their surprise they made the show and recruited singer Justin Carter and bassist Tyler Simmons.

The group then began working on their first song, a punk influenced track entitled "Ned Flanders' Revenge". They later began working on more originals including "Mr. Prather", "Make Me A Number", and "Paul Carter Hates Me". They also cover songs such as "God Save The Queen" - The Sex Pistols, "Rock And Roll High School" - The Ramones, and "Cowboys From Hell" - Pantera.

Influences range from Led Zeppelin to Slayer to The Ramones to Pink Floyd to Pantera and back again.


"Demo From Hell" released in 2005 for the self-owned independent label 42 Records.

Set List

Ned Flander's Revenge
Paul Carter Hates Me
God Save The Scene (Sex Pistols Cover/Parody)
Mr. Prather
Make Me A Number
Brainstew (Greenday Cover)
Jaded (Greenday Cover)
Silent Screams
Push Me[Off The Bridge So I Can Be A Highlander]
Sex And Violence (Casualties Cover/Parody)