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Stone Mountain, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Stone Mountain, GA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop




"Nedlog Era's new song "NoTitle""

Nedlog Era (a/k/a Nedlog Media) is a Stone Mountain based group, and their name is golden backwards as an ode to the golden era of hip hop the 1990s. They recently dropped a 8-track EP in June 2018 titled Spectrum. Nedlog is back with the new single “NoTitle”. The track has a very electronic vibe, but the bars are still immaculate. Listen to the song below. - TheCampaignAtl

"A Journey Down the Rabbit Hole of SoundCloud Related Tracks"

’m not entirely sure how SoundCloud’s algorithm took me from “Yamborghini High,” an A$AP Mob posse cut about getting as high as heaven’s gates, to a Stone Mountain group whose name is Golden Era backwards (it’s like if Joey Bada$$ copied Rae Sremmurd’s approach picking a rap name), but I’m not mad at this. “OCULAR VISION” features subsonic boom bap production and feral-sounding raps, which makes for an impressive combination. Lyrically, the song has a habit of veering off into early Odd Future territory (“N*ggas thought that they was really plotting / Til they got caught watching granny porn with the door open”), but if Nedlog Era ever decided to change his name to something that sounds less like “egg nog,” I might be tempted to check out more. - DJ BOOTH Writer: Andy James

"NEDLOG ERA - SGLP [New Mixtape]"

Download the new mixtape from ATL collective, NEDLOG ERA, called "SGLP."
New to the site, NEDLOG ERA (which if you notice is Golden Era backwards) is a five man hip-hop collective out of Stone Mountain, Georgia. Having generated a nice buzz for themselves recently thanks to their unique flows and dark, eerie self-production, NEDLOG ERA is looking to take the next step in their career, and it starts today with the release of their new mixtape SGLP.

Laced with 12 tracks, the featureless project showcases their unique versatility and lyrical wordplay, while offering something new that sounds like nothing else coming out of ATL right now. If you’re wanting to hear something different and unique, you’ve come to the right place. - HOT NEW HIP HOP : Kevin Goddard


If Trap is Southern Ambient, Nedlog are Southern Gothic Ambient, and I might be bullshitting but dammit Nedlog make such fanciful formulations real (just listen to SGLP's 42 second opener 'Burn' that manages to sound like Linda Sharrock & Nina Simone all at once) flesh it out in sound and vision and word. They come from Stone Mountain, an area of Atlanta with a history that would force pressure on anyone living within its confines, let alone Nedlog Era (a neat flip of golden-age rhetoric), young kids, smart kids, confronted with a place where memories of the KKK, of the confederacy, of the auld whip hand and the injured-pride of un-deposed yet nostalgic cultural imperialists still holds strong, bubbles into their everday from the collosal rock that towers over them. After the original Klan (founded in the 1860s, internally weak, disorganised and overpopulated with sadists and criminals) had fizzled out, emboldened by 'Birth Of A Nation' the second-coming of the KKK found the lynching of Leo Frank in 1915 the perfect flashpoint around which to regroup and relaunch itself . On November 25 of the same year, a small group, including fifteen robed and hooded "charter members" of the new organization, met at Stone Mountain to create a new iteration of the Klan. This rebirthed Klan based its growth on a new anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, anti-semitic and prohibitionist agenda, reflective of the social tensions and prejudices of the new era and it was Stone Mountain that attained in Klan mythology the status of a new Bethlehem or Mecca, the confederate ground that seeded a new wave of poison. A century later, in 2015, when other states made moves to remove signs of the confederate battle-flag, Georgia stood firm by state law prohibiting anyone even touching Confederate figures carved in stone, calling such removal 'destruction of art history' due to part of the carving being done by Gutzon Borglum, who later went on to carve Mount Rushmore. In October 2015 the state-park denied a proposal for a 'freedom bell' commemorating MLK (including the line "Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia" from King's I Have A Dream speech of 1963). In such crosscurrents of history, in such a hurricane of bigotry and auld enmity, inevitable that Nedlog come out sounding young, confused, dazed, both by themselves and their surroundings. They're walking dead and they know it, but they sound so alive. They're akin to an Odd-Future-style crew of fiercely smart kids, but with no hipster hope, no way out. They've made for me one of the most endlessly fascinating releases of the year.

'Cataracts' starts with a yawn, a stretch, and then it rolls out into your life with its life. Lines leap out from the humming bass and winking loops (throughout SGLP Nedlog cook up a brew as addictive as that last Jay Rock LP, seriously). 'We're moving out white like albinos/Step in sideways sideways sideways/ I'm old enough to feed myself but I can't cook/ I need clarity in action/make my moves and make them slow . . . .' Nedlog smoke but it doesn't help, only feeds their paranoia. They love, or try to love, but it doesn't help, only adds to their sense of self-derailment. The crepuscular funereal ooze of 'Establishment' walks that beautiful line smart teenagers walk when they see through the institutions they're being pushed towards, when they see through the opportunities and apprehend the doom their race and class condemn them to in a world ruled by elites - what's wonderful in a hip hop world fixated on visibility is that Nedlog reflect teenagers true impulse to hide, to observe from a distance and attempt survival, their words and sounds less an extroverted attempt to boy howdy the world, but an introverted alternate-universe they can bring their problems to, and bring their problems out in.

"I try to enjoy this freedom, yeah this fake freedom/ you don't know what I done seen/ you couldn't see, I told you about my dreams and you just couldn't believe that a nigga from the 'Mount could amount to greatness/ emerging from a city that is known for racist white folks/ hanging my folks, amazing almost, blatant when it comes to this/niggas turning they back, rather talk about the flashy bullshit in they raps/ misleading the youths, for the cause we will all turn up like Nat / you fall short, the only problem is removing the corpse/ sorry but I couldn't care less about a show and showing niggas how I look/ cos really round my way that's how you get your life took/ and their aint no coming back from that".

'KKK' is just stunning, musically cos it's a devastatingly orchestrated strafe-fire of pulverising kick, necksnapping snare and neon-smeared details, and because initially you're simply unsure of its intent. 'Black nigga repping KKK'? Is that the line? 'Stone Mountain niggas aint the same / see the police getting silent now?/ see the police getting violent now? / Fuck nigga no, we cannot make a truce/ if you aint down for the cause get a burning cross to the temple/ I just might leave a nigga hanging by a noose/ raise your hands to the roof/ Triple K be the salute' - there's a horrific ambiguity here, coupled with the truly terrifying sense that Nedlog see the Klan as the TRUE representation of white-folk's attitudes towards them, opaque, illiberal and honest in contrast to the transluscent gaseous 'tolerance' of mainstream white liberal society. Only a crew with nothing to prove, and nothing to lose, could create a track that walks such a compellingly livid tightrope.
It's roundabout now that you start noticing just what a startling suite of sonics the Nedlog crew have bought to the boil here. 'Redhouse' hinges on a reverse bassline so fucked up and wobbly it could've been culled straight from a slo-mo grime track or something offa Deep Medi, a spooked comatose sound that suits the hook perfectly, every single vocal echoed into dubspace: 'I was just thinking/ drinking/ same thing I did last weekend/ woke up with a sorry soul and a head full of hurt/ I take a look at my window and my driveway full of leaves . . . '. Throughout SGLP it doesn't sound like Nedlog are arriving at these strange sonic formulations through any kind of agglomeration of things they've heard before, rather it's as if their minds are painting outwards in sound and they're just as thrilled by the strange shapes their imaginations can take when flipped out from the mind and into wave patterns. 'Schizo' is like the most diseased, dead-eyed version of 'Yakkety Yak' you ever heard, the line 'High school graduation only gave me a reputation for burger-preparation' popping off before the parents come in on the hook, slowed to a zombified greek-chorus pitched at that perfect whiney level of the concerned guardian, proposing action that made sense in the last world but makes no sense in this one we're in right now: 'get your mind right nigga / spend your time right nigga/ get your mind right nigga get a job/ you been sitting on your ass going out at midnight / get a life, get out, do something, get a job' before the verse skulks at dawn 'a brother probably shouldn't be driving at all/ it's past curfew like five in the morning / momma's still up what the fuck? / put the keys in with my head down/ searching for the hole like a virgin . . . '. What's so refreshing is Nedlog's lack of egoism, the way these songs are endlessly generous vignettes from their lives, a million miles away sonically and lyrically from the pushy ambition that is the default setting for so much young rap in 2016. The freakish backtracked devil-summoning 'Dead' takes on precisely that predictability infesting hip hop, proving, as do the Griselda axis I'll talk about later, that frustration with rap's current holding patterns is certainly NOT limited to old farts like myself. Nedlog reject hip hop, reject the old nomenclatures, the old cliches they see as now being rotted from within beyond purpose, beyond the ability to recycle in good conscience - "Yeah I got a mic in my hand but no I'm not a rapper/ Yes I'm from Atlanta doesn't mean that I'm a trapper or a thug kidnapper/ cut the bullshit, how many Migos we gonna have in the game?/ how many niggers just gon' keep rapping the same? / how many motherfuckers gon' play the same styles and wear the same clothes and add 'trap' to their name?/ THAT SHIT DEAD'. The highlight of an astonishing set has to be 'Lack Ler', a warp of psychedelic guitar shimmering over a bass that buzzes your floorboards, weird lines about 'my whole squad looking like Medusa's head' flickering out over the madness. Frighteningly articulate, gloriously unique, don't let the year pass you by without drinking from SGLP's brackish, brilliant depths. For me, one of THEE standout standalone releases of the past year in ANY genre. - theincrediblekulk


Still working on that hot first release.



Nedlog a four-man hip-hop group from Stone Mountain,GA.They’re know for
their combination of engaging/quirky lyrics over extremely diverse self
made production. After meeting in high school where they would always
find themselves in heated hip hop debates. The four rappers decided that
the music coming from the hip-hop scene in Atlanta was becoming
repetitive and almost indistinguishable and that it was time to try to
bring some refreshing to the game. Starting from nothing the group began
to work to develop their unique lyrical style at the same time as
learning to curate their skills in music production as well as
performance in a poorly maintained section 8 apartment in their city.
Nedlog sounds can only be described as eclectic and organic.

Band Members