Raw Cryptic Ominous Rock


Blending modern rock techniques with a raw sound all their own, Nedra is entertaining audiences across the Midwest with their high energy shows. Nedra’s gritty music utilizes electrifying guitar work reminiscent of the rock gods of the 1970’s and 1980’s, but explores the issues and attitudes of people today. The songs mirror the winding, difficult paths that life often takes, and celebrates surviving those difficult times. Make no mistake, Nedra’s music speaks to everyone, and every audience member can relate to the stories enacted on stage. So plug in, stand up, and let’s ROCK!

Nedra’s debut EP, Demons, masterfully tells a story of heartbreak, addiction, and struggle. Far from a sad eulogy, fist pumping anthems like “My Prison” and “Crucified” announce that rock and roll still lives, so long as you keep fighting, and ballads like “Everyday” appeal to listeners of all ages, across genres. Demons is scheduled for release in Summer 2009.

Nedra is a rock and roll band from St. Louis, Missouri, that was formed in May 2008 by Kyle Sanders, Jeffrey Jourdain, Loren Morgan, and John “The Witch Doctor” Manly. Currently touring as independent artists, their raw, gritty brand of rock invites comparison to Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and Alice In Chains. For more information and to download samples of Nedra’s music, please visit

All songs written by Kyle Todd Sanders

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Nedra's debut full length album available July 25th 2009

Set List

Our set ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Nedra plays 100% original music and can generally play with bands of verious styles. Nedra has a great hard rock show as well as an acoustic show that has not been matched.