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Atlantic City, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Atlantic City, NJ | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"Independent musicians in South Jersey using technology to reach a world-wide audience"

Neeb Bogatar learned on his own how to make beats, write lyrics, record his own music and shoot his own music videos. Bogatar believes he made it this far on his own, so he doesn't want to hand over any control of his career to a record label.
"We are living in the new age. We have YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Face-book. I never plan on signing with a label. I want to stay independent. The world is different," said the 30-year-old Egg Harbor City electronic dance music artist.
The world is certainly different.
Not too long ago, recording an album meant going into a studio outfitted with expensive equipment to record, overdub and mix a musician's performance. Once completed, the songs would have to be pressed onto a disc or burned onto a CD and then distributed around the country for sale.
It was a costly undertaking that few could afford without a label's help.
But advances in digital technology now let artists record and mix songs on their home computers using sophisticated programs that can cost the same as the price of a good restaurant meal. The songs can attract an audience on YouTube and be sold to fans worldwide on iTunes and other music distribution sites, with the artists pocketing a large percentage of the purchase price.
Just as technology has changed the publishing world with the rise of self-published authors selling their ebooks online, it also has enabled musicians of all types and levels of talent to live out their dreams of creating and selling songs and albums.
Amateur musicians recording in their basements and bands who have built up strong followings over years playing local bars are taking advantage of this musical marketing revolution.
Bogatar had a leg up on most amateur artists when it came time to record his own music. He had already been recording hip-hop artists at his home recording studio and charging them $40 per hour. Bogatar took the skills he'd acquired and applied it to his own recordings made in his basement studio over the past 18 months. Bogatar uses the Apple - Logic Pro X and Live 9 computer software programs to create his beats, record his vocals and mix and master his music. Logic Pro X costs about $300, while Ableton Live 9 can be purchased for about $600, Bogatar said.
A bar worker at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Bogatar used this software to create his most elaborate production to date - a five-song digital download called "EVOL LOVE," which he is releasing on his SK8 Park Musik label.
"I decided to stay on my own because I do all the work. I'm not going to give my work away," Bogatar said. "Macklemore is independent. He's blowing up. I'm inspired by that."
Bogatar sells his music through the iTunes store and Google Play. He's promoting it with a video on YouTube for the song "She Is Long Gone." He hopes to tour in the coming months. - The Press Of Atlantic City

"The press of atlantic city"

Neeb Bogatar, 32, has been doing all he could during the past two years to establish a music career. He describes himself as an electronic artist who raps, as opposed to a pure hip-hop act. Bogatar has performed in Atlantic City at Anthem in The Quarter at the Tropicana Casino and Resort and at Margaritaville at Resorts Casino Hotel. He has also done college dates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
It is hard to convince a club in Atlantic City to take the risk of booking an unknown act, Bogatar said. While he works on his music, Bogatar also works as a bartender and bar back at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.
Bogatar is planning to relocate from Egg Harbor City — his home for the past nine years — to California to take his career to the next level.
“The name of my new album is called ‘California Dreaming,’ and that’s based on me being on the East Coast, working and dreaming and moving to California in 2016. That’s where I’m going,” said Bogatar, who has family in Sacramento. “I feel as though that’s what you have to do.”
After working locally and posting performances on the Internet, Bogatar thinks the next step is making the leap to a bigger market, where more personal connections can be made.
Besides putting videos for his original music on YouTube, Bogatar has used YouTube tutorials to learn how to shoot still photography and video and to develop his production and recording engineering skills.
Bogatar will be releasing his debut independent album as an electronic artist this year. He has released earlier music, as a hip-hop artist, on CDs and digitally. His new music will only be available digitally.
“People who are consumers stream their music now on Spotify, on Tidal, on Apple Music, on all these major sites,” Bogatar said. “A hard copy will not sell anymore,” he said of CDs. “I’m not saying that they are done, but you can’t stick it in your phone.” - the press


Still working on that hot first release.



Neeb Bogatar – artist,writer and producer - whose music births from within the depth of soul, and resonates
deeply in the heart. While keeping it electric, Neeb’s artistic expression is to inspire the spirit to break
through limitations created by social conditions. Neeb’s love for music was initially inspired by the beat of Bob
Marley. As a child, he remembers being unable to get beats out of his head. Spending time incarcerated gave
him the time for inner exploration which gave birth to his own beats and lyrics. Within those walls he made a
commitment to bring his music forward. After the death of his mother, Neeb fell into the depths and could
not find the same inspiration in hip hop. He kept with it and dug deeper until he stepped into the sound of
dubstep and Electronic Dance Music which touched his soul in new and profound ways. This inspiration led
him to learn all that was necessary to be an Independent Artist, photographer and videographer to follow
through on his promise to himself and his mother.

Music has been the vehicle for his own transformation and he wishes to share that with others. It is Neeb’s
perspective that music is a language of emotions and a vehicle through which multiple realities are
expressed, explored, and transformed. From the time that he can remember, Neeb’s mind was filled with
beats and lyrics that expressed the depth of emotions of the heart. From the time that he was a child, he was
inspired by and inseparable from music. Beats and lyrics came naturally and became the means of
expression used to free the heart from restrictions created by a social environment often shaped by poverty,
violence, and despair. Neeb has made it his life mission to use his music to bring a message of hope and
inspiration. His current videos "she's long gone," and "Bonnie and Clyde 2" are now on the air. Other videos
currently in production include "Evol Love” and his most recent called “Hold Up Love.” Neeb says that “it’s
Electric” came through “with the death of his old broken soul into a new spirit born from electricity.” His videos
and music can all be found on vevo, YouTube,iTunes Google Play and throughout the world. Be ready to feel
the ever changing, impermanent electric pulse of Neeb Bogatar! 

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