Needle And The Pain Reaction

Needle And The Pain Reaction


Most disturbing dark groovy sonic guitar band straight from the Belgian soul. Our habitat is on stage. Pure energy, heavy, honest and pure.


Luc, Peter and Wim started playing together a few days before 2000. With the intension to work out some demo tapes Wim had made some weeks before, they soon started to jam which resulted in a complete set of new songs.
The best way to describe this band is: energy! If you ever saw them play, you know what I mean. Needle kicks ass on a 2 square meter stage, or blows up a mega theatre. Their biosphere is Gent - Belgium, and if you even get closer to our epicentre you are entering the incredible cool underground label and club Kinky Star. Needle started their endless jam sessions around the magical year 2000, and finetuned a steamy live set with sticky melodies and a lot of guitar power. The first release came in 2004 with the full CD 'Obsessions Of An Epic Womanizer' - (label: Kinky Star Records). The second full CD 'Pheromone' was released in October 2006 and was recorded at Temple Studios - Malta, engineered, arranged and produced by David Vella, In 2008, "Live EP" was released with 6 tracks all recorded during their live concert at Recyclard, Brussels, Belgium.
Needle combines loud guitars with dark hypnotic groovy songs.
Their major goal is to let the energy explode on stage, putting their rock image in a low profile perspective.

Here's a rockin' review on of one of their gigs in Canada:
'Needle & The Pain Reaction @ The Bovine Sex Club midnight

If this band came out ten years ago, they�d be millionaires! Sounding (and looking) like they were torn out of some mid-nineties programming directors wet dream, this Belgian power-pop trio reminds one of Seattle�s under-appreciated Flop, or Better Than Ezra.
Combining pop sensibilities with brilliant vocal harmonies (the drummer can actually sing!) with simple, almost chantable, choruses, stunning guitar work, and a bass-heavy rock groove, Needle & The Pain Reaction forces one to rethink the indie pop formula. Fronted by disturbingly waifish lead singer Wim, Needle & The Pain Reaction bring an excitement level to their live show that is undeniable, pausing only between songs to fix their battered gear (language again precluded between song banter) before launching into their next sugary aural assault. While the lyrics may be lacking, the music is fantastic, bringing back the fond memories for anyone old enough to have been weaned on mainstream �alternative� radio a decade ago. Hey, if Nada Surf can make a comeback, maybe Needle & The Pain Reaction can be Popular too.
- Jeremy Shum, March 3, 2006'


Supermarket Hero

Written By: Needle and the Pain Reaction

I am your supermarket hero, your supermarket hero
I am your supermarket hero, your supermarket hero

Wondering what’s on your mind if you go
and squeeze me in a day
Go shopping in your favorite supermarket mall
with a nightingale
I heard your music, touched your hand,
sniffed your dog and watched your friend
Saw a girl that walked around the corner looking for a man

I’ll be your supermarket hero

Late at night still wondering if you would come
and ask me for a light
you shooked me up and told me that
she was eager to pick up a fight
I had no money and I had no dope and
I had nothing to give away
The girl at the counter said: “…”
You know who I am

I am your supermarket hero
Your supermarket hero


Wondering what’s on your mind if you go
and squeeze me in a day and you know
I had no money and I had no dope and
I had nothing to give away!


CD - 'Obsessions Of An Epic Womanizer' - 2004
CD - 'Pheromone' - Oct. 2006
EP - 'Live EP' - Jan. 2008
CD - 'Stains' - due to be released Sept. 2010