Needles and White Powder

Needles and White Powder


Our music is as addictive as shooting cocaine into your veins!


We are a hard rock/ alternative band with all the pain and aggression of a metal band without overly distorted guitars, nonstop double bass, and constant screaming. We like to take influence from everything, but I think we most sound like a mixture of The Smashing Pumpkins, A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, and American Head Charge



Written By: Brad West

Where you go you just don't know
Hope there is no goddamn snow
Find a beach someone to love
Got a place where we can get stoned

Love it fades sun will shine
Get yours quick baby I'm outta time
There's another waiting at the end of the line
With open legs and a bottle of wine

Tell ya honey it's not who you know
Swear to you it's who you blow
Smile for me head down below
Eyes on mine spit or swallow

We got drunk we got stoned
You soaked your mattress I never knew
Kiss me baby cuz I gotta go
Fuck another girl can I use your phone

At least I have a new place to get blown

Reincarnated Abortion

Written By: Brad West

I lay here waiting and staring
Wondering where my life is going
What am I without the dirt on my hands
What am I without the anger in my voice

While I await death's kiss on my lips
Not looking forward to an eternity of bliss
What am I without the torture of my ways
What is life without the feeling of pain

Sex and drugs feels like a good escape
But what am I when I'm not feeling pain
Should I really turn away
Should I really feel this way

I don't wanna die and be forgotten
Don't wanna live without feeling somethin
What is there to say when not planting curses
"I wanna fuck, get fucked up, fucking feel something!"

Judge me all you like don't crucify me yet
Let me make my mark what's life without fearing death
What's the point of barely living, working, dying
Let me make someone cry, die inside, think different, I'm trying

Give me life give me death in equal amounts
Give me fortune and fame and early cash out
My whole generation in a stuper and in denial
Nothing to live for/die for clearly killed our desire!


Written By: Brad West

So hard to take the hate from my eyes
Too hollow too empty too many times denied
So hard to take the sadism from my grin
Blank self-absorbed never shows me dying within

Feels like there's always a gun to my head
Hypertension pretentious still nothin said
Always looking for a way out of my mind
When will be the time to take what's mine

But when I look into your eyes
I am lost but almost feel alive inside
So many things always on my mind
Just never let me push you aside

So hard to take the blame for my ways
Slowly but surely driving me insane
My hands keep shaking and I can't settle my head
Brought out the last bit of me that I thought was dead

So few people have almost made me cry
Tears of joy feels like a part of me died inside
So sick of playing the game that I never win
Don't let me down cuz I swore that in love I'd never fall again


No airplay or singles yet, but we do have some live recordings.

Set List

We usually have an hour long set but usually end up only getting to play for a half hour. Our songs are "Tailgate Decorations", "Where?", "Reincarnated Abortion", "Fellinagain", "Nothing Worth Saying", "Salt From Your Tears", "Shattered", "Sick", "Cordial Smiles", and many more to come!