Needless To Say

Needless To Say

 Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Hard rocking, musical virtuosity with a female vocalist never looked and sounded so good!


Within only one year of their formation, South Florida metal band Needless To Say has been turning heads and causing a stir in the music scene. Through playing alongside national acts like Black Tide and performing at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour, Needless To Say’s emotionally captivating lyrics, virtuosic musicianship, and well thought out songwriting have their fans and audiences singing along to all aspects of their music, both live and in the confines of themselves.

With the release of their debut EP and their constant promotion, Needless To Say will continue to extend their name and musical message to all parts of the world.

Feeling both emotionally drained and relieved, musically satisfied yet craving for more, and many hair propellers later, you will be left with few words, but one idea for certain: Needless To Say is here to dominate.


Redemption (Take Me Away)

Written By: Julia Formica

take me away, before i break
take me away, before i fade

a bridge i've never crossed, a train i've never rode
a matter of time, i'll get lost in my soul
where does this alley lead? and how can i follow?
i need a place my body can devour


the scene is getting old, from today til tomorrow
i scrape my hand on the road i try to follow
the end is so unclear, the lights are there
i feel myself crumble, i keep on crawling


i fade away, the sun is gone, darkness is my belong
i fall to the grace of my wrongs
drifting down a road too long, i'm on my knees
these are my sins, my hands are out
screaming for your reach
take me, oh take me away


Needless To Say Self Titled EP: November 23rd, 2010
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