Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Dangerous and unforgettable hardcore music preformed by a band of socially conscious know-it-alls. Fast, angular riffs played to driving rhythms create a mishmash of too many influences. Frantic, noisy, aggressive, catchy, memorable and engaging.


Needs. We all have them. In this case it was the need for catharsis through a return to heavy music by some old friends. Glenn Alderson of legendary hardcore band The Corta Vita called up fiery former Taxes frontman Sean Orr and You Say Party! guitarist Derek Adam. When original drummer Bobby Siadat left to pursue Weed (the band) and guitarist Al Boyle moved to the East Coast, the band swallowed up half of local emo upstarts Eeek!, embracing the punch of Devin O'Rourke on drums and the jangling precision of Colin Spensley on guitar.

Now, after a third time recording at the Noise Floor (Gabriola Island, BC) with Jordan Koop, the band has hit their stride with their self-titled debut on File:Under Music to be released May 12, 2015. Menacing and melodic, intelligent yet terrifying; the group invokes feelings similar to that first time you heard Nation of Ulysses and Big Black, or when you discovered the power of the Wipers. NEEDS call on the mighty lords of DC. They pillage the record bags of Trash Talk and Fucked Up. They kneel before fuzz and distortion... Pay heed to the gods of avarice.


NEEDS - NEEDS (2015) - CD, Digital, and Vinyl on File Under: Music

The Accursed Share (2012) - Tape Release on Bart Records
Rare Earths (2013)- 7" self released