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The best kept secret in music


""A Ladies Night of Music Featuring Lourds/blue number 9 and Neeto""

<b>Munchaba Lounge, Levittown</b>
...Neeto, the five piece rock and soul unit had the pleasure of christening the show and wasted no time getting the assess off the comfy sofas and onto the dance floor. Lead vocalist MaryAnne Paquin took center stage and filled the room with a voice rich in tone and texture. Her's is a sound that was born from powerful techinique and the joys and heartaches of the human experience... - by Dan Brown, - Goodtimes Magazine: L.I. Sounds, July/Aug 2004 Issue 893

"LIMC Saturday at Cesare's"

Neeto opened up, a four-piece band making their first appearance with the LIMC, but definitely not their last. Although the band describes their music as a fusion of funk and alternative, I heard them as being more in the blues-rock vein. The band features the formidable lead singer, the aforementioned Ms. [MaryAnne] Paquin, who impressed me not only with the power but also the control of her voice. Many singers of this style tend to warble all over the place, but Paquin has the happy skill of hitting her notes dead on, leading to a cleaner and ultimately more satisfying sound.

The band also featured strong musicianship, including Nick Kovachi on drums. Their overall set was excellent, but my favorite song of the night was "Circle of Fire", a slow but hot number that really showed off Paquin's vocal strengths...- by Rich Hughes - AURAL FIX Magazine - Oct 2002

"blaKbushe at Munchaba was Neeto!"

Now I have to talk about Neeto. MaryAnn is the lead singer of Neeto. She plays guitar and hear me when I tell you that her voice is the second coming of Tina Marie! I know you don’t want to believe it and I know Tina is still here, but MaryAnn is no joke! I remember the first time I heard her at the Ultrasound Lounge over the July 4th weekend. Jerome, Ganessa and I were like, “All Right!” MaryAnn is a special lady - by Shelley Nicole - blakbushe journal - Oct 2004


Our 10-song debut CD titled "She's Got One Second" is due out in November 2004. MP3s are available for download online at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since summer of '02 Neeto's music has been making audiences all over Long Island and NYC stand up and listen. It tells a story, makes you move, groove and think. Long Island, NY based Neeto is an all-original female fronted Urban R&B Rock band.

Neeto is headed by singer/songwriter and co-founder MaryAnne Paquin, who's voice has captured audiences all along the North East with her emotionally power driven and charismatic vocal versatility and vocal improvisations that knock your socks off. Because of her Jackson-esque vocal stylings, many might call this band founded on "blue-eyed soul", but this band can bring it to the next level. The color lines dissolve with each note that floats out of MaryAnne's mouth. She is a classic case of daily inner-city influence on a musical soul who has a diverse-musical background and life experiences that belies her age!
Touted on the scene as one of the most solid energetic and interesting players to listen to and watch is the spark-plug of this musical machine drummer/co-founder, Nick Kovachi. His musical versatility is what really drives home Neeto's signature hybrid-sound of soul-filled rock. From dance moves to progressive grooves this musician has got it all. Nick stopped playing for 5 years before picking up his sticks again in 1999. His hiatus proved to be his saving grace, for when he started to play again, his musical sensitivity was heightened. He expanded his musical soul enabling him to convey the feelings of a song enhancing it from many angles all with steady feet and hands and happy heart.

Another cornerstone to this outfit is bass player Matt Kay. Sensible and extreme, running bases from melodic to the more rhythmic grooves keeping the party grounded while letting it fly high. Kay's brooding exterior lends itself to the depth of the many musical currents that flows underneath. Behind this stern exterior lies a musical mind exploding with musical newness and creativity. Unique is one word that can sum up Matt Kay. He is also a noted songwriter check out his most recent musical project: blockhead - showing musical versatility that will blow your mind.

The combination of Kay and Kovachi makes for one solid rhythm section.

Add to that percussionist, pianist, songwriter - overall musician in development - Chris Bonacorsa, a music major at Hofstra University, who joined Neeto in the Fall of '04. Chris rounds out the band's sound, giving it extra dimension of rhythm and melody. Chris is one of the most talented musicians on the scene today and the scene doesn't even know it... not yet! We wont spoil the ending for you!

Last but not least vocalist, Kristin Seaman, adds another layer of vocal femininity, sweet sounds and lush harmonic tones as Neeto's backing vocalist. She's new to the L.I. band music scene. Kristin's ability to nail-down songwriter MaryAnne Paquin's complicated vocal harmonies yet again proves that a vocalist with an innate ability to harmonize on the spot, can do anything!

Neeto is on a musical journey without a necessarily having a destination... well, maybe one, our fans' hearts and minds (as the old cliché goes) "one at a time".