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Neezie Pleaze

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The March Mega Mix; By Liz Murray"

Okay, it's been a really long day, so let's just get to it, huh? (Links have been included, because y'all piss and moan when they're not. Please, visit and listen. There's some good shit this month.)

Here we go...

1.Neezie Pleaze Saw him last night at Chop Suey and got one of the first copies of his first album a couple months ago from a guy who helped him put it out. Let me just say that if his climbing status on the college charts and Vitamin D's opinion mean anything, he's going somewhere. A talented lyricist with a style his own (and distinctively NOT the bling-wearing, chain swinging, repetitive shit with some hook about rims you've heard eighteen times before from a dozen different, ultimately forgettable, rappers). If I have to draw parallels, I'd say perhaps there's a touch of Prince Paul or Pharcyde in him -- and a completely diggable hip-hop-alt style. This guy's one to watch. Clipse was the opener and D. Black opened after Neezie, but he was the smartest part of the show for sure. The crowd was lame, but this guy was on and I'll bet he'll remain so. I'll keep you posted. (Email me and I'll send you a track, or just buy the damn cd already).

"Neezie Pleaze, Please; By Bruce Warren"

You like Clipse, Luda, Pharcyde?
Then check out Seattle super rapper Neezie Pleaze. This wreckid is hot.


"My Philosophy; Hiphop Ya Don't Stop By Larry Mizell JR."

Yo, can we talk for a minute, y'all? A'ight, look, this whole "Stop Snitching" shit is kinda upsetting me, man. Sure, it makes for cute T-shirts and all, and it makes for great mix-tape material, but it's going a li'l too far these days. Example: Busta Rhymes' friend and bodyguard Israel Ramirez was shot and killed at a video shoot a couple of weeks ago in front of a gang of people. Thing is, the investigation into Ramirez's murder has been stalled by the witnesses' (including Bussa-Buss) refusal to speak to police. So here it is... Why are we okay with prison ethics becoming the accepted guidelines of the hiphop nation? Fuck the police, that's how I treat 'em, but killers and drug dealers aren't exactly protecting our communities either. Someone kills my boy, I'm gonna do everything in my power to see the motherfucker responsible go away. I'm sorry, does that make me a snitch? Have I lost my nonexistent street cred now?

As the great Chuck D wrote recently: "The term 'snitch' was best applied to those that ratted revolutionaries... (out) to fascist governments... Let's not let stupid cats use hiphop to again twist this meaning for the sake of some... violent drug-thug crime dogs who've sacrificed the black community's women and children."

Local MC alert! South End MC Neezie Pleazie—formerly Sunspot of the live hiphop crew Maroon Colony—has dropped a dope new album called Pleaze Believe that's definitely worth your paper. Expertly produced by Vitamin D, Bean One, and Manat MacLeod of Defkidz, Pleaze Believe is a banging showcase for Neezie's rubbery, conversationally rapid-fire flow and sharp storytelling. Neez's dreadlocked everyman persona is familiar to many; you know, that one cat—charismatic, blessed with the gift of mouthpiece, vaguely shady, and always down to smoke. I urge those looking for dope new local hiphop to pick this one up. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

On Thursday, March 9, do yourself a real solid and dip out to the Vera Project to peep Rhymesayers Entertainment artist P.O.S., repping the Minneapolis-based Doomtree crew. P.O.S. has dropped two platters on RSE, Ipecac Neat and the brand-spank Audition, and is yet another reason that Sluggo's got a helluva little rap label over there in Money-Sotta. Whether his name stands for Pissed Off Stef, Product Of Society or Piece Of Shit, dude is possessed of a ragged ferocity that is no doubt owed to the fact that he was active in Minneapolis punk bands for years before he ever spit a verse; his quirky style blends hiphop and punk sensibilities without it sounding contrived; no mean fucking feat. Now, don't let all that fool you into thinking the kid can't spit. He caught me with a line off of Ipecac's "Kicking Knowledge in the Face": "The shit's a mockery/I'm not trying to save hiphop/I'm trying to save my baby cousin from Jermaine Dupri." Yep, I think I owe that dude a beer.

- The Stranger


The Neezie Pleaze Discography:

- The "Pleaze Believe LP" Debuts; 7/11/06

- 2006 Finalist w/ "The International John Lennon Songwriting Contest" for the song; "Neezie Pleazie"!

- The Pleaze Believe LP is currently circulating over 130 Radio Stations across the Country!

- The Pleaze Believe LP debuts on the College Music Journal's Hip-Hop Top 40 at #30 (1/22/07)!

- The Pleaze Believe LP is chosen as The Strangers' own Larry Mizell Jr.'s Favorite Local Debut Of 2006!

- The Pleaze Believe LP is chosen as Seattle's own Easy Street Records; Bands To Know About!

2006 CMJ Rankings:

TW = This Week
LW = Last Week
TW = Two Weeks
PK = Peak
WKS = # of Weeks
ARTIST = Artist Name
TITTLELABEL = Title of Record and Label
CMJ NMR Issue – 994
Hip Hop
30 30 * NEEZIE PLEAZE Pleaze Believe Phit Da Billion
31 31 * PETE ROCK 914 Nature Sounds
Feb 05/07
CMJ NMR Issue - 996
Hip Hop
22 25 24 20 7 JAY-Z Kingdom Come Def Jam
23 33 30 23 3 NEEZIE PLEAZE Pleaze Believe Phit Da Billion
24 29 28 24 3 TALIB KWELI AND MADLIB Liberation Blacksmith
Feb 14/07
CMJ NMR Issue - 997
Hip Hop
27 28 - 27 3 SNOOP DOGG Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Geffen
28 23 33 23 4 NEEZIE PLEAZE Pleaze Believe Phit Da Billion
29 36 34 28 6 INTELLEKT AND DIRTY DIGITS Intellektual Property (Revised) ATF
Feb 19/07
CMJ NMR Issue - 998
Hip Hop
32 16 11 3 11 FAT JON AND STYROFOAM The Same Channel Morr Music
33 28 23 23 5 NEEZIE PLEAZE Pleaze Believe Phit Da Billion
34 20 22 20 9 JAY-Z Kingdom Come Def Jam
Feb 26/07
CMJ NMR Issue - 999
Hip Hop
32 32 16 3 12 FAT JON AND STYROFOAM The Same Channel Morr Music
33 33 28 23 6 NEEZIE PLEAZE Pleaze Believe Phit Da Billion
34 37 31 24 6 TALIB KWELI AND MADLIB Liberation Blacksmith



Neezie Pleaze, an Emcee with Vision

With the debut of his first full length solo album release, the "Pleaze Believe" LP, Neezie Pleaze (former frontman for the Classic Hip Hop Live Band; Maroon Colony) pushes the envelope of music, and traditional Hip-hop.

N. Pleaze plays well on throw backs to his self-professed influences (the likes of NWA, Nirvana, and The Pharcyde, to Beastie Boys, The Strokes and Jay-Z), and creates a new style of Hip-hop which Pleaze has coined "Converse-Music", or "Conversation-O-Flow".

Inciting movements is one of the chief reasons Neezie Pleaze established the Independent Record Label PDB Records, helping define the "Puget Sound", and further propel the Northwest-Coast as a force to be reckoned with.

"I've lived in the S-E-A my whole life," says Pleaze, "My Mom's side of the family is from South Africa, and my Dad's is from here, so I was allowed a unique perspective"

When asked about his music, Pleazie knows exactly where he's coming from, and what Neezie Pleaze's character is about.

"I wanted my shit to be something the homie could bump, but how I would do it... and [to also] prove that commercially viable flows don't have to be fucking weak-as-all-hell. The fact that I be on some of the same shit as these other dudes, yet mine is conveyed so eloquently- says a lot to me, and about me..."

When asked to further describe his distinctive style of discourse, Pleaze explained it as;

"That little dialogue that carries throughout my flow and my particular brand of satire I chop it up with the listener, like you would with the homie. That's that Converse-Music, you know? That's what makes me different. I'm a conversationalist. I drop Conversation-O-Flows, dialogue and all!"

The Pleaze Believe LP dares to bid fair-well to the secular trappings of today's Hip-hop quagmire, while forging a path into tomorrow's sound. Listeners quickly discern that this record is comprised of pure love for lyricism and song writing. Featuring the hottest cast of Sea-Town producers ever assembled (including the veteran talents of Vitamin D, and BeanOne), Neezie Pleaze's Pleaze Believe LP is the shit and demands to be experienced live!

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