Ne Family

Ne Family

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We have a group that brings a different feeling to hip hop and r&b with a sound that has the soulful feeling you use to feel


This “Musical Blend” of the future flips the script with clever metaphoric lyrics and rare vocal tones charged with a hook-melody attack style. Add it all up this Los Angeles based, urban R&B/Rap group is a lock to spin heads, and sprout clusters of international fans everywhere. Descriptive as their name….THE N.E. FAMILY…is both special and unique, as heard in the tones of their voices; they are equally talented in style and delivery of their vocals. THE N.E. FAMILY, a four member group formed in 1999, is a new breed of Hip-Hop artists which is comprised of founder L-Jay (producer, writer, singer, rapper and performer), Knatural (rapper, writer, performer, producer), Chawko (rapper, writer, performer , producer), Mr. Ward (rapper, writer, performer). Their music medley is a combination of Urban/Ghetto mixes, sautéed in R&B spices, sprinkled with Pop flavoring with Rap that is fire